Whether you have downloaded the app, or have been avoiding downloading the app, the majority of parents are familiar with TikTok. If not, here is a quick run down:

TikTok is an app used for creating and sharing videos. It’s a way for people, mostly young, to express themselves via singing, dancing or in a comedic way. But there is so much more content to discover than just singing and dancing. There are Q&As that kids do with their parents, product reviews from users of all ages, and a lot of cute pet content. Users vary in age, but the large majority of users are Gen X and Generation Alpha. These generations make up such a large majority that even us millennial moms are considered “old” users on this platform. When did 27 become the new old? I’m not sure, but I am embracing it!

Once you start watching and liking videos, the app will then use an algorithm to show you more content on your feed that is similar or related to the videos you have already liked.

This is how I found the #MomsOfTikTok community.


As a Millennial, TikTok has captivated me. As a first time mom, the #MomsOfTikTok have taught me quite a few things: 

  1. I need to stop taking myself so seriously. The #MomsofTikTok can be hilarious, outgoing and so much fun to watch. I want to be more like them, especially the moms that are #Over40 who are on there dancing their butts off and just having so much fun. Get it, girl!
  2. Parenting hacks are all over the place on this app. I’m telling you now, if you have the app, go follow @brianna_greenwood. She has single-handedly increased my Amazon cart by at least $100 dollars in one day with all of her product reviews. Whether it’s no mess alternatives to slime, sunscreen application tips for pool days with your kids, or fun finds for mom, she will likely have a product review that sparks your interest.
  3. Some of these moms make me feel normal. It’s nice to see a mom sharing her day-to-day activities in a comedic way. It helps remind me that I’m not the only one feeling the stress of toddler-hood, or who struggles to keep their kid from feeding the dog half their meal.
  4. It reminds me that my kid is a normal kid. Being a first-time mom, I was baffled with some of the behaviors that came accompanied with toddler-hood. These #MomsOfTikTok have shown me that apparently my kid isn’t the only 2-year-old that constantly does goofy things throughout the day. Enjoy this video example!
  5. It reminds me that all moms are different, and that is okay. Some moms post tutorials on how to pack a super healthy, all-organic lunch every day, while other moms joke about feeding their kids nuggets every day. Some videos are about the cute outfits they dress their kids in daily, while others make videos about their kids being in just a diaper or barefoot all the time. It’s a good reminder that their way isn’t wrong, it might just be different than how you do things, and that’s okay.

It feels similar to a local moms’ Facebook group in some ways. The other moms on TikTok are supportive, diverse and relatable. When I search on the app #MomsOfTikTok, or use this hashtag on my own videos, it brings me together with moms of all ages – moms I can relate to and even moms that open my eyes to new views and ideas. 

So don’t be worried that you might be considered “too old” for TikTok. I promise that all of us #MomsOfTikTok will welcome you into our circle with open arms!


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