Motherhood at Dusk {Series}

Disclaimer:: Cincinnati Moms Blog received free photography services in exchange for this post, however we would not endorse a product or business we do not feel is of value to our readers. All photos are courtesy of Kati Best at

When the doorbell rang for our photo shoot with, I truly had no idea what to expect.  I am not really a “candid” person.  I thrive on plans, organization, and structure.  Not to say there aren’t many candid moments in my life; I just do not plan a photo shoot around them.  Kati**, our photographer, though was super laid back and gave us the “green light” to just carry on as “usual.”  Now I put that in quotes because no five year old can completely ignore that there is someone with a camera there and she definitely at times was “hamming it up.”

amy-cincymom 20Nonetheless, what I got back was truly a treasure. 

What I got back was glimpses into Our Life.

Our life of joy, our life of learning, our life of love. 

Kindidly CollageWhat I got back were moments, captured forever of a childhood that quickly passes. I got a reminder to remember to pause on all the ordinary days when there is no photographer at my home and enjoy these small moments.  Capturing those moments in my heart.

amy-cincymom 69 is an amazing service that looks to pair local photographers with families in the area in an effort to help them capture life’s moments while enjoying them too. Their website is easy to navigate and a great way to connect with affordable photography services designed to give you memories of your life, both big and small. Birthday parties, a trip to a local farmer’s market, a picnic in the park or as this series highlights… even documenting life at it’s most basic. gives you quality prints and a professional experience at a price that will keep you coming back for more.




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