Mother’s Day Love


Mother’s Day is a sweet day full of love.

I brought one of my sons home on Mother’s Day and last year was able to wish my sweet daughter-in-law her first Mother’s Day, just hours after she gave birth to her son.

It is a day that causes us to pause and be thankful for our mothers and thankful if you are a mother, but this year it causes me to stop and grieve.

I grieve that I lost my mother and that I can’t hear her sweet voice or talk to her on this special day.

mother's day

I wish she were here to see her great-grandsons and see how each of her grandchildren is navigating parenting.

I grieve for my friend whose heart aches because she longs to be a mother but has not been able to conceive.

I grieve for another friend who is devastated by the fertility issue that she is facing after being able to conceive a few years ago.

I grieve for a family member who has suffered two miscarriages in the last few months.

I grieve for another friend whose own mother has forgotten who she is due to dementia.

I grieve for another friend who lost her mom as a child and thinks of her on Mother’s Day and wonder what she was like.

I grieve for my friend who lost a daughter several years ago and won’t hear her daughter’s sweet voice saying Happy Mother’s Day.

So on this Mother’s Day, such a sweet day for so many, remember so many are grieving, those who are mothers, unable to become a mother, or are at a loss from a loss.

Wrap them in Mother’s Day love this year, and show them they are loved regardless of what path they are walking this day.


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