Six Ways to Celebrate National Family Wellness Month This May


Cincinnati has a lot to offer when it comes to health and wellness. The abundance of parks, trails, farmers markets and outdoor spaces are just a few reasons that I love it here. With the weather warming up and the (virtual) school year coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how you can celebrate National Family Wellness Month with your loved ones this May.


1. Visit a New Park
Cincinnati is full of parks, from the east side, to the west side and downtown. If you are looking for a new family favorite, all of the Great Parks of Hamilton County have engaging family activities in their parks, such as fishing, paddle boats, row boats and canoeing. Some of my personal park favorites around town include Fernbank Park, Smale Park, and Sawyer Point/Yeatman’s Cove because they offer great walking trails that offer a view of the Ohio River.

2. Cook a Healthy Meal
A huge part of a family’s wellness is their eating habits. Life can get busy between work, meetings, soccer practice and dance recitals, so the last thing a lot of parents want to do during the week is cook! Making a small change in your weekly routine can have a big impact on your families health. Try to set aside time to cook a meal as a family (trust me, I know this is easier said than done). Plan a trip to Findlay Market and have the kids pick out the ingredients; that way it’s not only healthy, but fun for them as well!

3. Implement Quiet Time
Quiet time can be rejuvenating for some people – especially parents! Set aside time for reading, coloring, meditating or even taking a nap. This quiet time will allow everyone in your family to step away from the hustle and bustle of the day for just a moment and have a chance to relax. Doing this daily is a distant dream for a lot of us, but even implementing this 1-2 days a week could be beneficial. Who knows, you might even be able to finish that book you started months ago.

4. Get Active
Being active is an obvious way to improve your family’s health and wellness. Aside from some of my favorite parks that I listed earlier in this post, there are many other places to get active in and around Cincinnati. The Little Miami Scenic Trail, also known as the Loveland Bike Trail, runs all the way from Milford, Ohio up to Springfield, Ohio, near Dayton. It has several stops along the trail that provide places to eat, grab coffee, shop, grab a beer or simply stop and enjoy the scenery with your family. My suggestion, if you start or end in Old Milford, is to check out Little Miami Brewing Company for some fresh brick oven pizza!

5. Grow a Garden
Whether you want to grow flowers or plant some fruits and vegetables, planting a garden is a great resource for both nutritional foods and better air quality. Cincinnati is full of floral shops, from your local mom and pop shops to Home Depot and Lowe’s. One of my personal favorites is Robben Florist & Garden Center in Delhi Township. Growing up, I always looked forward to going and picking out plants with my mom and going inside the greenhouse. Use your time in the garden to teach your family how plants grow, what types of insects certain flowers attract or simply just enjoy the time with them. If you are not an outside garden person, check out this awesome and low-maintenance indoor garden. I personally have the tomato plants, and they have produced 25+ cherry tomatoes!

6. Go on an Adventure
There are hidden gems all over Cincinnati, you just have to find them. Being from the west side of Cincinnati, one of my favorite things to suggest to Eastsiders, or even residents of the northern Cincinnati area, is the Anderson Ferry. The ferry is located on River Road and will take you directly across the river – yes, in your car! Once you cross the river, you will be in Hebron, Kentucky and only 2.6 miles from the CVG Viewing Area. The CVG Viewing Area is another place I consider a gem, as it offers picnic tables and a play area for your family to enjoy while you wait to see the next plane take off or land on the runway. 

I would love to hear from you all. In the comments section below, please share with me how your family focuses on wellness, other ideas you may have for practicing family wellness or if you plan on implementing any of the ideas from my list of six above!

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My name is Jenna, and I am a born-and-raised Cincinnati girl. I grew up on the West Side of Cincinnati, but my love for this city expands in all directions! I studied Communication and Public Relations at the University of Cincinnati, and am beyond proud to be a Bearcat. My Fiance and I currently live in Covedale where we are raising one sweet and adventurous little boy. Some of my favorite things about Cincinnati are the food (especially Skyline Chili), the parks, and the history of the city. When I am not working full-time in Marketing, I enjoy hiking, camping, reading, trying new coffee shops, traveling, and simply spending time with my family and friends.


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