Nursing A Toddler: Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week


Breastfeeding is hard work; breastfeeding a toddler probably deserves some sort of medal. Toddlers, as we moms know, are a constantly moving, wiggling, and attempting feats of physical prowess previously only accomplished by members of the circus.

It’s no wonder that nursing a toddler feels like an Olympic sport; between the wiggles, the body-bending, and the acts that defy nature, most nursing parents who continue past the first year get a workout of their own!

Some local moms shared their own take on nursing a toddler with us.

Nursing a toddler looks like:

“Tiny hands crammed down your shirt while shouting “MIIIILLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTT” at the top of their lungs.”

“Ripping your shirt down anywhere because they don’t care if anyone sees your boobs.”

“Pushing a shopping cart while nursing said toddler, who is still in the seat.”

“Squeezing your breast like an udder to see if more will come out. #IamNotACow

“A 24-hour booby bar where he owns the bar and runs the tap.”

“Pulling your nipples every which way while they try to nurse and play at the same time.”

“Thinking for a moment that it’s so cute he’s looking for you, but the moment you pick him up he excitedly shouts, “My nigh-nights!” and goes for the girls like you don’t mean anything else to him.”

“Having someone suck your boob while they take dance lessons.”

“Being stalked by a raptor- like in Jurassic Park.”

“Offering toys, drinks and snacks while in public to try to have one outing where you don’t have to pull out your boob.”

And one mom just shared this photo:


Have you nursed a toddler? Do you have anything to add? Anything that really resonated with you?


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