One Minute Inside a Mama’s Head


We know you know what we are talking about… those often incoherent ramblings that go on inside our heads as we do our best to keep ourselves and our families functioning with some semblance of looking like we know what we are doing. We ALL have these conversations with ourselves… but this is your glimpse inside the mind of a couple of the CMB mama’s heads.

1 Minute Inside the Head of Courtney Snow

Leaving the house in the morning…

Do I have my keys? My wallet? My glasses? I always forget my glasses. Ok, I’m on my way. I need coffee. I always need coffee. But, do I want hot or iced today? Or, maybe I’ll switch it up and get blended this time. Did I forget my phone?!  No, good, it’s right here. I can’t stand these people that drive like they are the only ones on the road. Why are people so rude? Let me try to be nice today. I really should get more rest. Then, I won’t be as irritated. But, there’s always so much to do. What day is it? Is that assignment for school due tonight? No, tomorrow. Ok, good. Maybe I can relax tonight. But, I should really do laundry.. and the kitchen.. and the bathroom. And do Ady’s homework with her. Motherhood is never-ending. I am thankful for my family, though. It’s ok.  Today will be a good day. And if not, there’s always tomorrow. 

1 Minute Inside the Head of Jennifer Amazon

I roll over and look at the clock thinking…

It’s only 4, I can go back to… damn. It is 5:40. My alarm will go off in 5 minutes. I might as well get up. Why does this cat wait until I am almost standing to jump off of me? Where is my phone? Why is it I leave a hair tie here every night and every morning it is missing? Damn cat. Someday I will find a secret stash of socks and hair ties. Where is my other slipper? Who was the genius who thought my 7th grader should get on the bus at 6:40 AM? OK, today is Wednesday. I have time to walk this morning after the HVAC guy leaves, come home, have lunch and get the craft and handouts ready for Girl Scouts, then take a shower. Should we walk outside or at the mall? Is it raining? Windy? I’ll text her and see… Wait, today is Wednesday?!?!? I have a dentist appointment at 1:00 PM. In Blue Ash. F—, How am I going to do this? Why do I volunteer for things? I am never volunteering again. Never. OK, so I will measure the ingredients after I pack lunch number one, then find the printouts and make 12 copies. After I wake up number two and get breakfast and her lunch packed I will put the packets together and pack up the stuff for the meeting. Meeting. Did I remind everyone to turn in their permission slips? Damn. I left my phone by the bed. I am never going to shower today. Watch out Cat, I will feed you in a minute. OK, time to wake the boy.

1 Minute Inside the Head of Sarah Braukman

I have to find something fun to do with the kids tonight. I work too much. I work too much, I ignore my kids and I am a bad mom. They will not remember me as a good mom, they will only remember that I worked too much. I will do something fun with them tonight. I don’t want to leave my house. It’s hotter than Hades outside and it’s supposed to be Fall. If it weren’t so hot, I would be more excited to leave my house. I wonder if any splash parks are still open this late in September. Probably not. Great, now, it’s been five minutes and I am just staring at the computer. I should be doing work so I can do something fun tonight. What is that stickiness on my counter? How is it possible for my kids to get something sticky on every surface in my house? I hate stickiness. I should clean my bathrooms.

Tell us what your mind is saying today?


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