The Great Eight and A Dog {Our Big Family}


Yes, you read that right. There are eight people in our family, plus a dog. Allow me to introduce us… Me, my husband, 13-year-old Aramis, 9-year-old Gabriella, 6-year-old Lillian, 2-year-old Arabella, 3-month-old twins Madisen and Maylen, and our 3-year-old Morkie named Chloe.

To sum it up, we have five girls and one boy, each of whom has a drastically different personality.


Our family was a circus attraction before twins but after having them, we may as well be Barnum and Bailey. There is never a dull moment in our house, I can assure you of that.

We are both lucky enough to mainly work at home and while we’re not millionaires, for us, there is nothing like being able to spend the extra time with our children (whether good, bad, or ugly, and believe me, there is some of all of it). We’ve learned and are continually learning how to be frugal with our funds and our time, and I’ll share those tips and tricks with you in another post.

Children will be children, and not to brag (okay, maybe a little), but I often get complimented on how well-behaved they all are and asked how I do it. It is not unusual for me to take all six of them out by myself, from long car rides and grocery store trips to opening bank accounts and going to my doctor’s appointments, and everything in between.

My aunt once told me, “I watched you say ‘Let’s go,’ and they all instantly got up and followed you to the car like little ducks in a row. How do you do that?!”

I can’t say that it’s always perfect every time and without tears, the mommy voice, or stare of death, but it usually doesn’t come to that. I wouldn’t say that we fit into any one kind of parenting style but it’s more a balanced blend of each.

I have many relatable stories to tell and useful tips to share. In addition to being a big family, we have lots of unique life experiences from modeling to home births as well as everyday experiences, too! I love my big family; they make me crazy but they also make me sane!

I can’t wait to share more with you.


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