Dinner as it Should Be with Panera {Promo Code Inside!}

As a full-time working single mom with two very active children and a non-stop busy schedule of my own, meal planning in advance is an absolute necessity. If I have a meal plan menu set up for the week, that’s at least ONE thing I don’t have to think about after a long day. There are weeks that we stick with a “pantry challenge” and make meals based on whatever food we have on hand. There are also weeks when I’m craving something specific and we buy the groceries we need just for that meal.
Then there are the times when I am just plain exhausted and have no desire to cook. Either I have been running around picking up my kids from school or school-related activities, or bringing my oldest son to basketball practice. I work long hours some days in the health field so that can definitely tire me out. More recently, we have had multiple snow/ice days off from school where we were cooped up in the house for four days straight! We ate just about everything we had in the house and the pantry and refrigerator were both pretty empty. The leftovers were gone and I just couldn’t handle another bologna sandwich.

Panera Rapid Pick Up to the rescue!

We live within a few minutes of a larger Panera in town, so I knew we wouldn’t have to go far to get a good meal. While my fiancé was out running a few errands, I logged onto Panera’s website and started my online Rapid Pick Up order. Our Panera does not provide delivery YET, but there are so many that currently do. It was easy for us since my fiancé was already out and about. Did you know that when you place your Rapid Pick Up order online, it’s ready within 15 minutes? I DIDN’T and that’s a game changer! No longer having to order so far in advance for it to be ready when you think you’ll be hungry. No! With Rapid Pick Up, when you’re hungry, food will be ready for you.

Get your $5 off below!

Promotional offer: $5 off Delivery or Rapid Pick Up Order
Use code MOM5D to receive $5 off online Delivery or Rapid Pick Up order.

** Scroll to the bottom of this post for full promotional details and exceptions.

Offer expires 3/18/2018

Ordering online was simple and very user-friendly. I was able to customize my Roasted Turkey and Avocado BLT to my specific liking. The pictures on the website give a perfect description of the food choices. It was really hard to pick one. So we didn’t! My fiancé and I each chose the Pick 2 Option with a sandwich and soup. On a cold, snowy night like we’ve been having as of late, it was a perfect combination! My boys knew right away what they wanted. They absolutely LOVE the White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese and the side options are great. They can choose bread, chips, an apple or yogurt. Of course, I snuck a bite before they got to it. It’s really hard to resist that white cheddar sauce (my favorite).
Dinner is Served!
Did you know that you can also order any of their bakery items for delivery or rapid pick up? So not only was I able to order dinner for my whole family and have it ready in 15 minutes, we also ordered a variety of their delicious bagels. Of course, there’s no way we could forget the cream cheese! Here’s an added bonus: If for some reason they are out of what you ordered online (i.e. a popular bagel flavor that might sell out quickly), they will give you other options and work with you to find the best combination, even making recommendations for something similar or sometimes even better! We had breakfast for 3 days from those bagels!
Cream Cheese to Die For!

Don’t forget dessert! I’m a creature of habit, I admit it fully. I usually end up ordering the same items at various restaurants, so sometimes I miss some of the extra options. The double fudge brownies are TO DIE FOR!!! Have a glass of cold milk ready because you will need it after eating one of these decadent treats. I am so glad my fiancé picked up a few extras of those! 

Delicious Desserts!
If you currently are not signed up with MyPanera, DO IT! It’s quick and simple, and upon signing up, you will be rewarded with a sweet dessert! I added a Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone to my order and I did not regret those extra calories. My diet can wait another day. Thankfully, I also ordered a Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken, so my diet started the next day at lunch with that salad. The dressing alone is outstanding!
Lunch for the Next Day – Check!

Panera has always been a favorite in our household. The variety of the options available and the changes made to keep the menu interesting and delicious are important to me. My kids can be picky eaters sometimes, so knowing that there are options available to them that they love is key! I love that we can customize any of the sandwiches and salads and how fresh the ingredients are. No matter your dietary restrictions or preferences, there is always an option available at Panera!

From January 18 through March 18, 2018, use code MOM5D to receive $5 off online Delivery or Rapid Pick Up Order.**

**Must be logged into an active MyPanera® account to receive discount. No MyPanera account? No problem. Simply register online when placing your order at www. panerabread.com Limit one redemption per active MyPanera account. Order must be placed online with credit card. Discount will be applied at time of checkout. Other limits and restrictions may apply. Available only at the participating Panera Bread locations in the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio area. Delivery is only available within the designated delivery zone. Offer not valid in store. Offer may expire without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Offer expires 3/18/2018. Offer Code: MOM5D

Promotion Details: Panera Bread promises delivery within a designated 8-minute delivery radius from the café and requires a minimum order of only $5.00 (with the addition of a $3.00 delivery charge). All delivery orders are currently placed online (credit card only) using the Panera Bread app or at panerabread.com. Hours of delivery service are set for 11:00 am – 8:00 pm., meaning the first delivery order can be placed at 10:30 am and the last at 7:30 pm.

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