Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned from Fuller House


So, have you watched it yet? If you’re reading this post, my guess is you are a fan of Full(er) House. Either the type of fan that shouts it proudly from the rooftop, or the type that rolls your eyes when someone mentions it, even when you’ve secretly seen every episode. I’m a proud fan of Full House, having loved it since I was a kid, counting down the minutes to TGIF, to see whether or not DJ would take Steve to prom or Michelle would fall off of her horse. I loved it. It made me smile and it was a simple, innocent, over the top cheesy escape from my everyday life.

Fast forward twenty some years later and I’ve grown up, gotten married and had kids. Well it turns out, so did DJ! And Hollywood producers decided it was a great idea to bring the Tanners back…and I couldn’t agree more. In a time where life seems to be moving at a much faster pace than most of us prefer and in a world that often seems so complicated and stressful, I think it was the perfect time to head back to that house in San Francisco. And since I am now watching the show with a new perspective as a mom, I find myself learning much more than how to ride a bike or how to change an F to an A on my report card.

Thanks to the Tanners…I mean Fullers…I’ve learned a few new parenting tips…

It’s okay to ask for help. DJ found herself as a single mom to three boys, about to get kicked out of her childhood home and with most of her family moving away. Yikes. Luckily, she had a loyal sister and friend who offered to help. And all of us moms can learn something here…say YES to help.

You don’t have to constantly entertain your kids. Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t leave my baby in a playpen…in his room…by himself…for an extended period of time. BUT – I do need to learn that my kids are just fine playing by themselves. Actually, they need to learn this valuable skill. It’s a win-win for all of us.

It’s okay to put YOU first. Ok, I’ll admit it. DJ is hot. I mean…she obviously works out and eats right. She obviously takes time out of her busy day of neutering dogs and flirting with cute vets to de-stress and focus on her. Now, refer back to lesson #1 here, as you obviously need some help to accomplish this. But it really is so important.

You don’t have to lose yourself when you become a mom. You like to dance like a fool at the club? Are you obsessed with NKOTB? Do you like to binge watch 90s remake TV shows that are so bad they are good? Go for it. Continue to do what you love, even when your life is filled with diapers, baby food and carpool. Your family (and yourself) will thank you for being you.

Sometimes you just need to hug it out. Even the Tanners and Fullers have disagreements – maybe not quite like our real life ones – but they do. In fact, every single episode basically has the same story line (sorry if you haven’t already figured this out): someone has a big problem or disagreement, someone wiser has “the talk” with him/her and then they hug. The lesson here? Be sure to end your day forgiving those who have hurt you, apologizing to those you have hurt, and hugging those you love.

I’m the first to admit that Fuller House is not Emmy winning material. But this mom’s heart, that’s been through quite a bit lately, needs a show like this. I want to be reminded of a simpler time and that it’s important to get back to basics when it comes to parenting. Is it real life? Um, no. But that’s okay. I’ve got enough of that already.

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