Take Advantage of Local Book Sales


BooksWhen it comes to certain things, I am very thrifty. Books are one of these things. This is ultimately a good thing because I adore books. I could easily spend a small (or large) fortune in Barnes & Noble. Not only do I love to read books, but my husband and I collect them as well. We collect different editions of Alice in Wonderland as well as Little Golden Books. We surround our son, Ben, with books constantly. I could probably read a book to him every day for the next year and never repeat one.

Because I’m a little obsessed with books, book sales are perfect for keeping me from spending that small fortune on just a few books. Book sales allow me to buy more books (yay!) at a huge discount. If you’ve never been to a book sale you should consider checking one out. There is literally something for everyone. There are children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. There are also often games, CD’s, DVDs, and other fun things like posters or memorabilia.

Upcoming Cincinnati Book Sales:

The Cincinnati Public Library puts on book sales a few times a year. Their website is a great resource as they list the sales way in advance. The organization that puts on most of their sales is called Friends of the Public Library.

The Volunteer Friends for the Mason Public Library is also holding a book sale this weekend; November 11-14.

It’s a bit of a drive, but the Dayton Book Fair is November 13-15.

You can also visit the Friends of the Public Library warehouse on Vine Street during their regular hours. This is a good way to get a feel for what a book sale may be like but with a bit more flexibility. Their hours are limited but listed on their website.

Another website to check out to find more book sales is Book Sale Finder. Anyone can list their sale on the site, so you could find a listing there that you wouldn’t have otherwise found on a library’s website.

Have fun book hunting! Maybe I’ll see you at the sale this weekend!


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