Power of the Selfie {Family iPhone Selfie Session}


As a photographer, I value the gift of the pause as loved ones gather to capture the moments together. I see the sentimental journey that a photograph provides for generations to share together and it is a gift. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a job where my focus is to highlight the threads of connection shared between people.

I realize that it is not in every family’s season or budget to organize a photo session with a photographer, but that does not have to stop you from capturing some threads shared between you. I feel that at times when we hear the word selfie, we think of filters disguising our authentic selves or the negative connotation of promoting ourselves for selfish gain. I often find that when I am in family time, memory-making mode, I leave my camera at home so that I am not tempted to be distracted by photo shoot vibes in a way that keeps me in a different kind of investment with my tribe.

Although I do not have my camera in hand, my sentimental mama heart is still desiring to have a quick visual of the favorite moments I had with my family.


It is a love language of mine to have those pictures that speak a thousand words. I have learned that this is when there is power in the selfie, where your iPhone has the directional gaze to fixate on you extending love to your people as you capture a moment you want to pocket for later. It can be quick and yet still engaging to capture.

I wanted to extend some tips to capture sentiments that my family and I just did with a roadside stop because I found some gorgeous fields I just had to check out for a later session date!

The photos below were taken in about five minutes of roadside play on my iPhone. Here are some tips to capture your own selfies.

Find a Location That Connects to You

We were driving home from some apple-picking fall time together when I saw this gorgeous field and asked my family to pull over so we could get out and capture a few shots together!

Take a photo of an item that you noticed in that spot as this sentiment where the observation shared with your family will connect you back to that moment. Depending on the age of your kids, it may be a place where your child finds a special treasure that you take a photograph of and frame later in your home.

Piggyback Selfie Shot

This will give you some closeness to your photograph as you hold the phone higher than your shoulders facing downward toward you for an angle that connects.

Mom + Dad Selfie with Each Kid

We are a family that talks about our teamwork together consistently, and we always talk about the individualistic gifts we contribute as well. I value taking photographs to give to our kids that remind them that we are their biggest cheerleaders!

Mom and Dad Take Turns Photographing Each Other with Kids

I use images like these later for encouraging notes to leave my kids. I am a “words of affirmation” love language, so I use my one-on-one photos with my kids to print off for them with a note speaking affirmation for them to see daily as a reminder of their strengths.

Couple Selfie

We are partners in marriage and in parenthood and taking pauses to breathe in togetherness is something I value. With faces together, hold the camera up higher and face down for the photograph.

Playful Photos Are My Favorite

Lifestyle photography is the core of what I do, so these are my natural choices for a photo with my littles. A fun way to capture this is the good ole’ chase game. Yell “1, 2, 3, Go!” and take off running to see which kid tags you first. I always love the playfulness shared together with kids so to have that sentiment captured in this chapter of their lives is a treasured photograph.

Explore Photographs of Each of Your Children

Something that I have noticed in the growing years with my children is how there are some traits that stay with them, like their adventurous eye and their curious spirit, and I love taking notice of what they lean in toward when I say, “1, 2, 3, Go explore!” You then take photographs of where they step and pocket that observation of your children’s different personalities being lived out loud.

Family Selfie

My youngest was in a super goofy mood so this is his “goofy smile,” and I love how this stage gives a different side of him. Depending on your kids’ heights, give some depth to a family selfie by holding the phone as high as your arm reaches facing down, and then stagger your heads close together.

Happy sentimental documenting with your precious crew!

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