Five Unexpected Reasons Pregnancy is the Best Nine Months of Your Life


You’re probably familiar with some of the benefits of being pregnant. There’s the famous “glow” and thick, shiny hair. The motivation to be more active and take better care of your body. The excitement you get to share with your spouse as you anticipate a new bundle of joy. And who can forget the feeling when you see the baby’s adorable features on the ultrasound for the first time?

Five Unexpected Reasons Pregnancy is the Best Nine Months of Your Life

Those things are all well and good — GREAT, even! But have you stopped to consider all of the unexpected, yet seriously awesome, perks of being pregnant?

1. You can eat an entire Chipotle burrito without worrying about looking bloated. You’re going to look like you just ate an entire Chipotle burrito for the first trimester anyway, so you might as well go ahead and do it! You can switch back to the bowl after you deliver. but you’ve got a nine-month pass to indulge in that warm, tortilla goodness.

2. You can skip the tampon aisle. The sudden disappearance of your period is the best pregnancy perk out there! No more discovering you’re out of feminine hygiene products the day you start. No more noisy packaging announcing your presence to the gals in the adjacent stalls. No more worrying about leaks when you’re wearing white. No more embarrassed teenage boys ringing you up at the drugstore. Pregnancy announcements should really be celebrated with a going-away party for Aunt Flo.

3. You can take that nap if you want to. Feeling wiped out way too early? It’s perfectly acceptable to ignore the sticky floors and dirty dishes and take a nap, guilt-free. You’re in the process of growing a human, so you’ve already met your work quota for the day before getting out of bed. High five.

4. You’ve hit the small talk jackpot. If you’re an introvert like me, you might find yourself dreading gatherings that involve small talk. You can kiss that worry goodbye when you’re pregnant — in fact, you’ll probably have your script memorized a few weeks after you start showing: “I’m due in July. It’s a boy. No, we haven’t picked a name yet. Yes, I’m going back to work in the fall. Yes, I’m excited. It’s great to see you, too!” If you really want to save some time, just write your answers on index cards and hold them up when people ask you the same questions over and over.

5. You can purchase junk food without the walk of shame at the checkout. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s gone to Kroger just for cookie dough, Vanilla Coke, frozen pizza, peanut M+Ms, and potato chips? I always feel like I need to explain myself to the cashier: “I promise I don’t eat like this all the time!” In pregnancy, it’s already assumed that you’ll be indulging in a craving or two. Load up on whatever weird food combinations you like, and nobody will think twice! They might even applaud your choices and start telling you about the cravings they had in pregnancy.

These five reasons are proof positive that pregnancy is actually the best nine months of your life. Enjoy it while you can!


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