Pregnant During a Pandemic: What’s a New Mom To Do?



The question leads to more questions and I am still trying to figure this out.  A new world seems to have been unveiled before our very eyes and no matter who you are, you are affected every day. As a woman who is pregnant with her first child, my concerns are definitely weighing heavy on my heart these days.  

One thing I’ve learned so far about pregnancy: You never know what pregnancy will look like for you until you are going through it. 


On top of that, sometimes it can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes over the course of days or weeks, things can dramatically change. For myself, within a few weeks of planning by my employer, I was sent to work from home. I actually feel extremely blessed because of this.

It’s given me less anxiety to HAVE to be around people that could be sick, has helped me focus on the health of myself and my baby AND, I’m employed. Something, unfortunately, a lot of people can’t relate to (and if you are in that pool, I am so sorry to hear that, as I know it’s more unwanted and unneeded stress). When I moved to Ohio almost a year ago, if I would’ve transferred with my old job or taken the first one that came up for me here, I’d be out of one, too.  

With that being said, being pregnant with my first child during this time has given me extra anxiety, no doubt.

His father is now not able to come to our check-up appointments and ultrasounds. Even if he were permitted, I would probably tell him not to come as it’s just one less trip “out into the world” one of us wouldn’t have to make during these times. I have to go in by myself wearing a mask and gloves, trying to not get close to anybody or touch anything unless absolutely necessary.

My doctor’s office seems to be doing a good job of making their office more of a “skeleton crew” (one doctor, one nurse, one office assistant, one patient at a time in the waiting room). Being worried about germs and getting sick without a pandemic is bad enough (normal pregnancy feelings). At a time when you want to be able to talk to people and hug people, to celebrate and be happy, you feel a shadow has been cast and you almost feel you are being held back in a way of happiness because of all the roadblocks being presented.  

I don’t go out at all these days except the walks we take with our dog, Silas. 

Fortunately, I feel like they have been saving my sanity, getting me out and getting fresh air. I have a new appreciation for it for sure. I’m also glad we are in the spring season as if this were winter… I don’t even want to think about it.  I do like to go on “drives” once in a while as well when I can – not going anywhere but just getting out of the house.  

Here are some things that have helped me get through that extra anxiety: 

  • Meditation
  • Prenatal yoga (virtually, of course)
  • Taking a walk outside on a nice spring day
  • Spending time with your loved ones/pet(s)/people you are quarantined with
  • Calling, Skyping, or FaceTiming friends and family to stay in touch

This is the time we were told to take our babymoons (canceled!) and have a baby shower (we are doing mine virtually) but really, at the end of the day, spend time doing some things for YOURSELF. Whatever that looks like, as long as you are enjoying your time and you are relaxing. Sometimes you have to shut the external noise off and just focus on you (or just take a nap).

At the end of the day, any social inconveniences or roadblocks I will survive as long as me and my baby are healthy. I am willing to sacrifice what I need to in order to get through this pandemic intact and as ready for motherhood as I can be.  

I definitely don’t have all the answers and I’m pretty sure none of us pregnant mamas do (my perspective only). Sometimes it just helps to know we are doing our best as pregnant moms and to remind yourself of that daily. Sometimes it just helps to know other people are going through the same thing you’re going through every day. Sometimes it helps just to breathe and know we will all get through this.   

One day at a time. Hang in there, new mamas! 


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