Prioritizing my Health: 10 ways to Prepare for a Cleanse {Series}


Cleanse Post 2To read the first installment of this series, click here.

1. Prepare: Obviously I stated this in the title so it’s important but more specifically I mean take time to prepare.  Make this one of your priorities that you are going to focus on for a given amount of time in your life.
2. Research: Choose a cleanse that will work for you and your goals.  Don’t just choose something that is a fad but look at the overall benefits. And frankly, use common sense.  Junior high health class is relevant here.
3. Get a buddy: Do not cleanse alone.  Especially if this is your first time.  Unless you are crazy disciplined or already a health addict then you can cleanse alone.  Everyone else should solicit as many people as you can to join you.
4. Plan with your buddy: Not only can a friend help you be accountable, keep you on track, and give you encouragement but they can also help come up with recipes, brands to try, and meal planning.  It’s also more cost effective if you are making things in bulk.
5. Own it: Figure out why this is important to you and what overall benefit you will gain by making the drastic change in your life.  At some point you will want to quit so you need to predetermine what the reason is that is going to keep you going.
6. Prepare…again: I cannot say enough about preparation but this time I mean prepare your food and meals.  For most this is not your natural way of eating, so unless all your meals/snacks are preplanned, it’s difficult to come up with things on the fly.
7. Find something you love: For me this was cereal.  Cereal is a comfort food for me.  So I searched and searched until I found a non-gluten, non-diary, non-soy, non-eggs, non-corn, non-sugar, all natural cereal.  And I found one (actually a few) and it made my tummy smile.
8. Time-wisely: Cleansing is not right for every time in your life.  So choose a time that you will be most successful and less tempted to get off track.  For example, choosing to cleanse during the month of December when co-workers are constantly bringing in holiday goodies is probably not a good idea.  But also think of your own personal life stressors, health, scheduled events, and so forth.
9. Separate: Your food that is. If you are a Mom, you will still have non-cleanse approved food in your house.  I found that by putting the food I was able to eat on one shelf or in one section of the refrigerator I was able to focus a little bit more and not get distracted by all my daughters fun, yummy treats.
10. Reward: Go ahead, assume you will succeed.  Give yourself an incentive for hanging in there and going the distance.  Choose ahead of time what that will be for you.  New shoes, a fancy meal, a manicure.  Whatever it is, choose something you wouldn’t usually do.

I am by no means an expert, but I think by taking these few steps your journey to cleansing will be much more rewarding and successful.

If you have cleansed before, what things do you do help prepare? Share them in the comments section below.


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