Professional Moms :: A Series {Adoria Maxberry}

No two motherhood journeys are ever the same, even among those that are working moms. Our paths and ways of doing this mommy thing are uniquely are own, and that is worth celebrating. There are some incredibly talented and brilliant mamas in our city that gracefully wear the hats of both professional and mom. This series will highlight a handful of these women, as they open up on the delicate balance between their two worlds.

The first local lady in this series we bring to you is Mrs. Adoria Maxberry. We got with her for a virtual interview and are excited to share some of her story and perspective on motherhood and owning a business (all while continuing her education!) with our Cincinnati & NKY community.

A couple years ago, Adoria left 5/3 Bank to pursue her own dreams of being a business owner and doing something more purpose-driven with her talents. While many thought she shouldn’t leave what was seemingly a secure career, she has created something since then that has grown and touched so many others’ lives in our city. I am personally very proud to call her my friend and will continue to cheer on all her dreams! #TeamMaxberry

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

I am a wife, mother of 3 amazing children, a caregiver, instructor, and owner of Most OutGROWing LLC (Check her out on our Black-Owned Businesses Guide!). I enjoy helping others grow through the arts and do my best to shine God’s light wherever I go.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Being a Working Mom?

My favorite part of being a working mom is seeing my children proud of the work I’m doing and becoming inspired to pursue their own dreams.

What Ways do You Make Sure to Connect with Your Kids on an Intentional Level?

I often bring my kids into everything I’m doing! While creating, they are there; if I’m on set, I’m giving them a call and sharing what mommy is going through. We debrief over dinner and share conversations about our daily lives.

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Motherhood?

Personally, birthing 3 children naturally is one of the biggest accomplishments, and being able to exclusively breastfeed all three has been a blessing. Every day has really been a blessing, though, and being able to work and obtain my Masters with a 4.0 cumulative GPA, graduating with distinction, while having all three kids has been a huge deal for me. (Adoria will be recognized for her educational achievements as part of the Class of 2020 in another CMC article coming soon!). 

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Your Career?

I truly think starting my business and maintaining it has been the biggest accomplishment, but most recently, becoming one of the artists in the BLM mural downtown in Cincinnati was huge!

Have You Ever had a Conflict of Passion between Your Kids and Your Career?


What has been Your Toughest Moment of Wearing Both Hats of Professional and Mother?

Trying to work with a newborn while still teaching and being in school was a challenge. Also, deciding to leave a corporate career was daunting but worth it!

Thank you, Adoria, for sharing with us and for all the light and creativity you bring to our Queen City!

Are you a working mom? How do you balance a career and kids?


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