Proof Target is Run By Evil Geniuses

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I’m not quite sure how they’ve done it, but slowly, by degrees, Target has managed to brainwash us all.  They have made us forget that they are a big box store.  They have convinced us that it’s cool to shop there.  In fact, it’s almost a rite of passage- a symbol of status.  Judging from the MANY blog posts, parody videos, and memes available on the internet, it’s safe to say Target has secured itself as the pre-eminent shopping destination.  Why, exactly, is Target the recipent of so much love and adoration?  Because there are evil geniuses behind this behemoth.  The proof is below:

1) There is a Starbucks in the store.  A real, functioning, Starbucks.  Even if you “don’t like” Starbucks (don’t lie- you do even if you say you don’t because that’s now the cool thing to do), you can’t deny that this is a draw for many shoppers.  Especially the Black Friday goers and the tired parents who just want to get out of the house for a minute!

Photo courtesy of Target's Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Target’s Facebook page

2) Target manages to get absolutely free publicity for doing things that really aren’t even that remarkable (yes, I realize this post is contributing to that free marketing…guilty as charged).  Eye grabbing headlines, like “Target eliminates gender labeling for toys” keep Target relevant and in the news, making it impossible for anyone to overlook or forget the bright red bullseye.

3) Trendy designers.  Target just had to up their game by introducing “affordable” items with designer tags.  Even though these items are actually pretty pricey, we think we’re getting a steal since they are at Target!

Photo courtesy of Target’s Facebook page

4) THE DOLLAR SPOT.  Because, let’s face it, as much as we may drool over the Lily Pulitzer or Neiman Marcus collections, at heart we are ALL bargain shoppers.  And Target knows this- and puts this convenient little area RIGHT near the entrance (and, coincidentally, next to that Starbucks).

5) Target is currently exploring serving alcohol. To shoppers. In the store. If this becomes a reality, shopping at Target will be even MORE of a “luxury” experience.  Plus, I have no doubt that impulse buying will increase- it’s already hard to refrain from buying ALL THE THINGS when you’re at Target.  With drink in hand, I have a feeling there will be a lot of people going home with something extra that “was on SALE for ONLY $10!“.

Yep, those evil geniuses are brilliant. They definitely know what they are doing (give them a raise!). And now, if you’ll excuse me, that bold, red logo and cute little dog are calling my name.


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