I Get Britney {My Quarantine Shaved Head}


My quarantine has been an interesting time for me. I have spent a lot of it organizing my stuff, my life, and my daily routine. I have developed a wonderful self-care program that helps center and ground me and prepares me for each day. 

I have also shaved my head.

shaved head

A la Britney Spears, circa 2007, I took a razor to my own head a few weeks ago. 

I was feeling weighed down, heavy, and burdened. A lot of it was emotional, but as I began to take stock of my life and where I was, I realized that I needed a change. Waking every day and not feeling happy about what I saw in the mirror wasn’t what I wanted (or needed) while navigating a pandemic. 

So I took the electric razor and a mirror outside and buzzed it all off. 

It felt so freeing. I felt ALIVE.

And now I’ve maintained it. I do a trim about once a week, keep up the longer part in the middle with scissors, and that’s it.

No more styling. No more hair supplies. 

No more bad hair days.

I can go swimming and not worry about my hair.

I can roll out of bed and get dressed, no time needed on my head.

I am free.

It has been an incredibly liberating process. I removed my hair, but with it came years of shame, and regret, and patriarchal ideals of beauty. 

So Britney, I get it now. I totally do. 

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Emily was born in Cincinnati but transplanted to rural Michigan as a toddler with her parents. She moved back while in high school and has been here since. She met her husband, Eric, while completing her undergrad in education at Miami University. Two master's degrees, a house, and a dog later, they decided to expand their family. Their daughter Piper was born in April 2017. Emily spent 18 months as a stay-at-home-mom before taking a GIANT leap and becoming a doula. Shortly thereafter, she was approached by the owner of a local agency about taking over the business. She now works from home running Tender Beginnings while sharing adventures with her daughter.


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