Recreations Outlet: The Fun & Easy Birthday Party Experience

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, but all opinions are genuine. We strive to partner with local businesses we feel are of value to our readers.

My oldest son just turned three, which meant the inevitable – planning another birthday party.

After hosting two birthday parties at our home already, I knew that I needed a break from the work of cleaning, decorating and cooking, but still wanted to make his birthday special.

As we approached his birthday, I realized how much fun a party would be at this age. At this age, he actually has friends that he enjoys seeing and I’m always down for anything that would burn off his endless amount of energy. If I wanted to keep my sanity though, I knew I had to a do a much smaller, uncomplicated party. The perfect solution of simple and fun: Recreations Outlet.

From the minute that I contacted Recreations Outlet to schedule the party to walking out the door afterwards, it couldn’t have been any easier. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect as we had never made the trek across town to play. (Noteworthy digressions… it’s totally worth making the trek across town to play, especially on their Charitable Play days when a portion of your play proceeds goes to benefit a local charity.)

In case you are wondering if a party at Recreations Outlet would be fun enough for the kids AND allow the parents a little time for socialization? 

The answer is… absolutely.

Walking in the door, we were immediately greeted by smiling employees, who helped us check in and offered to help cart all of our supplies back to the party room. The best part was that we didn’t even really need to bring much!

To spruce up the room a bit, we brought two bundles of balloons, our traditional birthday poster, and that’s it! We scheduled a Saturday party from 12-2 PM, so we catered Chick-fil-A to pick up on the drive in and toted in the plates and utensils we packed, along with the cake and serving supplies. Almost everything fit nicely into one large tote bag and I LOVED that we were allowed to bring in our own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. This way we could make sure it was exactly what our guests would enjoy. (If you prefer not to do this, you do have the option to purchase food from LuLu’s Cafe, located inside Recreations Outlet.)

Our guests ranged from almost one to five years old and every single one had a blast. With playsets and trampolines of all sizes, along with a variety of sports equipment, Recreations Outlet offered entertainment for every age and developmental level. While the littler ones explored the playhouses and took a ride in the swings, the older kids ran around, climbed rock walls and cargo nets, played basketball, and bounced each other on the trampolines. On top of all of those activities, the scooters and bicycles that were available for cruising around were a fantastic idea to try before you buy and a crowd favorite with our guests! The party was practically hands-off as the kids entertained themselves. The party lasted (a perfectly timed) two hours, but the kids probably would have stayed all day if we let them.


With only being in the toddler years, we have many parties ahead of us and it’s great to know that this is an option for years to come. Not only for hosting parties, Recreations Outlet is a terrific playdate spot anytime. And given that it’s mostly indoors (there is outdoor fun too!), its a perfect option for any time of the year.

Overall, our party was unique, fun, and easy to plan. Every single kid we invited had an amazing time and played to their hearts’ content.

After all, any time you see kids in tears, being carried out against their will, I call it a successful party!


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