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My first Christmas in Cincinnati, I was on a mission to try and find some over-the-top, exceptional, free light shows! The first thing I did was google this, attempting to save some legwork, but low and behold, NOTHING came up! Yes, there’s the Cincinnati Zoo, Sharon Woods, The Christmas Ranch, Coney Island and the lights at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. While all of these are amazing, they also all cost money. I was looking for a free night of family fun.

So my husband and I packed our daughter up in the car, picked up a large cheese pizza, and headed out to explore.

This is what we have found so far:


This was the best place in my humble opinion for over-the-top displays. The following is a driving list that makes the most sense based on geography if you’re coming from the West.
1. Watchcreek Drive. This cul de sac had my favorite home of the night, and is a great way to start the tour!
2. Woodruff Road. Take 4 Mile Road south to 52 East. Turn left on 8 Mile Road. Right where you cross 275 going North on 8 Mile Road, turn left. It’s on a corner, on a somewhat busy street, but it’s definitely worth the trip!
3. Pinebluff Lane. Continue up 8 Mile Road. Make a right on Northport Drive, and then a left on Pinebluff.
4. Rusticwood Lane. This street has not one, but TWO great houses! Make a left on Summitridge Drive, a right on 8 Mile, and a left on Clough Pike. Then you’ll weave a bit: left on Foxhollow Dr., right on Stoneleigh Lane, left on Heatherglen Drive, and right on Stonehill Drive. Right on Rusticwood Lane and follow to the end of the cul de sac.
5. Rusticwood Lane Part II. Turn around on cul de sac and head back out of Rusticwood Lane.
6. Gungadin Drive. Left on Woodpine Dr. Right on State Rd. and continue straight onto Halfcircle Ct. Left on Collinsdale Ave. and left on Gungadin.
7. Clough Pike. Turn around and go right on Collinsdale Ave and right on Halfcircle Ct. Left on State Rd. Right on Clough Pike.
8. Kennebel Lane. Left on Candlemaker Dr. Left on Spinningwheel Lane. Right on Hunley Rd. Right on Bretton Dr. and right on Kennebel Lane.

This map is intended for general use only and does not reference specific home addresses.


Fairpark Ave. The UK House:  between W. Seymour Ave. and W. 73rd Street. This house is set to music via a local radio station and proclaims that Santa is a Kentucky Fan! It’s quite the spectacle and definitely worth the trip.



W. Galbraith Rd. THREE HOUSES! Between Hamilton Ave. and Pippin Rd. This includes what is known as Santa’s Workshop and Zapf’s Christmas Display


1. Gail Ave. Between Holiday Drive and Slade Drive
2. Kingsmont Ct. Off Resor Rd. Has music!


Hollytree Drive. A very apt name. Right off of State Route 63.


West Broadway Street. Between Overlook Drive/Observation Ave. and Grandview Ave. Known for the view of the city, train display, and fantastic lights!


Rosemont Ave. Off of Ft Thomas Ave. Read more here: Gingerbread House


Millakin Place. Petersburg Rd. to Bullittsville Rd. Great lights set to music! Find out more here: The Kramers’ Christmas Lights

For an extra layer of family fun, print off our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and take it with you!

What did we miss? Have you come across any exceptional houses? Give us the street names and area of town in the comments!


  1. Santa Claus Lane, off Taylor Road. This is a private drive with 3-4 houses that put on a spectacular Christmas display. Dent area of town – Taylor Rd runs between Bridgetown and Wesselman. Santa Claus Lane can be found near the middle of Taylor, where Powner Rd intersects Taylor Rd.

  2. Thanks for the Anderson list! It was a good guide, however some of the pins were not very accurate so we didn’t find all of them… It was hard to follow the directions otherwise in the dark.
    I recommend adding Deepwood lane to your list!

    • Thanks for the feedback. We weren’t comfortable bookmarking specific homes without the resident’s permission, so the map does reflect general vicinity instead of specific locations as it states in the post. It may be that this creates more confusion though, so thank you for sharing your perspective!

  3. There’s an awesome display on Christopher Drive in Independence Kentucky. Has well over a hundred thousand. Known throughout Independence as the Christmas house

  4. Lynn Ct. Williamsburg Ohio my personal display. You can tune to our radio station to listen to the show. Shows start at 5:40 and go until 12 every night. This is my personal show I have put a lot of time into it and would like it to be seen. Thanks


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