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This post is part of a sponsored relationship with reacHIRE. We love their mission to support and empower moms in their choice to return to work after taking time off to focus on family.

There are many reasons why a mother might step both away and toward her career.

Some of us always imagined staying home with our small children until they were in school full time and then returning to the workforce. For others, circumstances have dictated the best fit for our family, leading to intentionally stepping away from a career for a time and then intentionally stepping back in.

As we hear so often, the days are long, but the years fly by.

While everyone can recognize this trite saying is true, at some point it becomes a real choice whether continuing to stay home is the best fit, or if it’s finally right to return to work full time.

[quote]When my boys turned eight and ten, I found that I was spending a remarkable amount of time on volunteer efforts, and craving additional intellectual challenges.[/quote]

– CMB Mama

Family vacations, traveling sports teams, and college savings funds can add up so being a financial contributor to the future of our families can be important and fulfilling as well as sometimes just flat out necessary. However, if you’ve been focusing full time on raising kids, catching up on certifications and how to use the most up-to-date software and programs probably hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list. I know it hasn’t been on mine! It’s absolutely mind-blowing how quickly the pace of industry moves; keeping up even when you’re actively working in the field takes dedication. And have you tried to explain that time gap on your resume at an interview? It’s hard to find a company that sees the value in the time spent caring for your family.

We moms used to be on our own when it came to this tough transition, but now, with the help of reacHIRE, getting back to work can be so much easier. You don’t have to travel this road alone. 

This unique company offers women the opportunity to re-enter the workforce with forward-thinking employers through a paid, 6-month inclusive training program where moms can feel comfortable refreshing their skills with a group of women returning to work together. 

[quote]”I met with former coworkers and friends, applied to open positions at my former company and my friends’ companies. I spent time researching new products and procedures relevant to my field to get up to date. I fully expected to receive responses from the companies I contacted — I didn’t realize a five-year career break would be such an obstacle.[/quote]

– Beth, a reacHIRE graduate

Started by a mom who stepped away from her career to care for her child after an unexpected accident, reacHIRE is committed to changing the career trajectory for women. You shouldn’t have to settle for something part-time and not in your field of specialty, when instead, by working with reacHIRE, you can return to work in a job that is worthy of your skills. Taking expensive night school classes to update your resume with skills that may or may not apply to a new position used to be the best option for moms reentering the workforce, but reacHIRE tailors their training to exactly what their employers are looking for so you are best equipped for your new position.

Beyond that training, you’ll be able to find support with a group of women just like you – fellow returning professionals who will be in your cohort for training at the company you work for.
Nobody really understands the pressures and demands we put on ourselves as working mothers quite like others in a similar situation.

Training cohort made up of mamas just like you!

Make Back to School Back to Work

While they are regularly rolling out new opportunities and employers, right now, reacHIRE in Covington is specifically looking for women who are ready for a career in sales with Fidelity Investments, pursuing clients in Fidelity’s small business payroll and business solutions programs. If you are ready to return to work, have a Bachelors degree and your previous experience falls in sales, this job opportunity (with provided training and support) could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for. During a paid 26 week return-to-work program, you’ll learn the skills you need to find success in this partnership between reacHIRE and Fidelity Investments. You’ll have the support you need to begin an exciting new career as you work with reacHIRE to master the skills that are most in-demand and then get placed in the current job market. Applications for the return-to-work program are currently being accepted!

It’s important to re-enter the workforce when it’s the right time and position for you.

Maybe that’s right now with this job opportunity with Fidelity Investments. Or, maybe it will be you someday!
If there’s a specific area that would best fit your experience and training, provide reacHIRE with some basic information and they can notify you when the perfect return-to-work program pops up for you!

Is this your year to focus on your professional goals?


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