Safe Outdoor Protection with Native Shield

Even though our friends at Native Shield may have sponsored this post, the opinions expressed herein our 100% our own! We highly recommend their organic lawn treatments!

safe outdoor protection with native shieldHave you ever gotten so excited about warmer weather and FINALLY getting outside to enjoy it… only to step outside and get swarmed by mosquitoes?? I have, and I HATE it! When we bought our new house about a year and a half ago, we were so excited about all the space out back and all the tree coverage – until we realized it was going to bring even more mosquitoes than at our last home. We wanted to find something safe and non-toxic for kids and pets, and that’s when we found safe outdoor protection with Native Shield Organic Services.

Native Shield is an 100% Organic Treatment Option

Native Shield offers Organic Mosquito Control, Organic Deer Control, and Organic Lawn Care. Their treatments are EPA Approved and compliant with national organic standards. Native Shield is the natural, botanically-based answer to controlling mosquitoes and controlling deer and the ticks they bring with them. Native Shield Lawn Care is a child-safe and pet-safe way to build a beautiful lawn with no toxic fumes or chemicals!

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All the Protection without Sacrificing Safety

We were a little skeptical last year when we first tried out Native Shield’s environmentally-friendly mosquito treatment, but in our almost a decade of living in Cincinnati, it was the FIRST year that I don’t think I saw even one mosquito on our property. I was blown away at how well an organic treatment kept away those pesky (and sometime disease-carrying) buggers.

One of the best things was not having to worry about the timing of when they would come to do our routine treatments throughout the season. We could be outside – even with kids or the pets – immediately after an application. I remember the days as a kid myself when we couldn’t go out to play in the backyard for hours or even until the next day after the lawn was treated for mosquitoes. Knowing now that all those chemicals were on the lawn and around us blows my mind as an adult.

I loved the results – and that we are doing right by the environment – so much that we’ve signed up for Native Shield’s services again for this year! They’ll be heading out soon to do our first application, and you should sign up for them to come out to your home, too!

Spring 2022 Special from Native Shield

Our readers get $25 off the first application of any of Native Shield Organic Services! (Make sure to mention “Cincinnati Mom Collective” to get this exclusive deal)

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