Saved By Social Media {Surviving Social Distancing}


About two years ago, I wrote a post about how social media can be a very bad influence on me in the real world. I have witnessed people cut family members out of their life for a few years because of what they have read on a social network. I have seen friendships end after finding out that their ex-friend had opposing political views, and I have heard so many stories of kids being bullied over social media. For these reasons and more, I started to reign my use of social networks back. And when a well-meaning friend and a wonderful classmate of my son’s asked for him to join him on a kid-appropriate messaging app, I declined… probably a little too quickly.

Then, the Coronavirus pandemic began.

social media

And I am a worrywart. I have young kids, two with asthma. I have been keeping social distance since day one fn this pandemic. But man, sometimes it can get lonely. One of the big truths in my life is that whenever possible, I want to be a rock for my kids. I know that much of a good childhood experience and self-confidence comes from having a parent that makes a child feel secure, does not involve them in all of the adult matters and concerns of the world, and one that does not let their kid see them cry on a regular basis.

So with a husband that is currently working out of the home and myself, a mom that is trying to balance taking care of the kids and work from home, being the rock, while keeping social distance from everyone outside of our home, it can be a lot to cope.

Who knows, my opinion may change in a few months, but right now, I wish to say thank you to the social media channels that have made me feel not so alone.

Thank you for providing the ability to see my family and friends’ faces when I cannot see them in person right now. Thank you, social media, for providing me a way to have a glimpse in the lives of people that may live down the street, that I would normally see every couple of days, but now it may be a few weeks until I see them in person. It brings a smile to my face to see that their kids are having fun acting out parts of Frozen II, making desserts with their parents, or playing in the rain.

I also chuckle a bit when I see the memes about an asteroid heading towards earth and the dinosaur is more worried about getting more toilet paper than his impending doom. Thank you, social networks, for allowing groups to be created. I do not know where I would be without hearing from other mothers that can offer fun ideas of how to make play-doh from 5 ingredients in my pantry, where to find virtual visits to the zoo and fun videos that kids can dance to in the front room.

Most of all, thank you, social media, for giving me a place that I can log into, any time of day and know that I am not the only one stuck at home, missing out on the Cub Scout meetings, track meets, playdates, mourning routines, and stopping at Dunkin on the way to work to get a coffee. You remind me that I am not alone as there are a lot of good people out there in my life that can’t wait to see me again when we are allowed to be closer than 6 feet together.

Oh yeah, and about the kid-friendly messaging app. Let me just say that my son has some amazing classmates that I feel bad each day that he does not get to see them, meet them at the Y to go swimming, at the park to earn a badge, or at recess. It makes it hurt just a little bit less that he can call his friends and see their faces on occasion and be silly with them for a moment and, for that, I am grateful. When this pandemic is over and his friends are just a one minute drive away, maybe I will delete that app, but right now, I am grateful for it.

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Zandria is originally from Northwest Ohio. She met her husband in the beginning of her freshmen year of college. He is a born and raised Cincinnati west sider. He took her home to meet the family that December and Zandria fell in love with her husband and Cincinnati. It was an easy decision to make as to what city they would live in after Zandria was done with school. Zandria has been married since 2008 and has lived in Cincinnati since 2009. She has two wonderful boys whom are 4 and 1 and also is pregnant with a third baby due in August 2017. When Zandria is not driving her boys around the city to have an adventure, she enjoys sewing, crafts in general, taking pictures of her family, debating with her husband over who is using a word correctly (and often getting out the dictionary), coffee, and great conversation.


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