Sending Summer Out with A Bang


My daughter has been counting down the days until she gets to go back to school since her first day of summer (she’s in preschool) and honestly, so have I. As we move closer to that long-awaited day, I have been thinking of a few fun ways to end summer on a high note.


“Yes” Day

Donuts and potato chips for breakfast? Yes. Invite some friends over for a shaving cream fight? Yes. Don’t want to have quiet time? Skip it. Want a double scoop of ice cream after dinner? Let’s do it. Want to stay up late and have a dance party? Get it, girl. Of course, there would have to be some boundaries, but I also think it would be a nice break to not say “no” so much!

Pampering Day

Self-care isn’t just for grown-ups. Think about what self-care might look like for your little one, or just ask them! For my sweet girl, I think it would be fun to go get manicures or pedicures together. We could do it professionally, or just do one at home. I could let her take a bubble bath and make her a milkshake to enjoy while I read her a story or let her watch a show. 


This one is a necessity, but I also think it is so much fun. I have always enjoyed school supply shopping (any other Lisa Frank fans out there?!) and even though preschool doesn’t require any supplies, I still think it’s fun to go pick out a backpack, a new water bottle, a first-day outfit, shoes, and maybe a writing utensil or two. 

Field Day

If your house is anything like our house, we have a garage full of outdoor entertainment, but we never get it all out at once because it’s a ton of work. Maybe for one day, we just get it all out. The pool, water table, sprinkler, slip n slide, trampoline, water balloons, swings, balance beam, movie projector, giant Jenga, bring it all! Picnics for all meals and we just live our best life, make a mess and have a blast.

Kickball Game

You have to rally the troops for this one, but we just did a Wiffle ball game a few weeks ago with my family and we had so much fun. Kickball is definitely easier for the kids, but I recommend going to a park with an actual baseball field to play on. The dirt will entertain any child too young or not interested in playing. We all went home filthy, but with big smiles.

To some, it might seem unnecessary and ridiculous to end summer with a big to-do, but I feel like we’ve earned it this year. We have spent so much time together over the last 18 months that I feel like it’s okay to celebrate getting back into a routine because this mama needs it.


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