September Guide to Family-Friendly Events


september 2021

Fall Fun is right around the corner! We have your guide to all things Fall here in this September edition of Family-Friendly Events around town.

Sunflower Fields

Visiting a sunflower field and getting our photos is a yearly tradition. It’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy nature’s beauty toward summer’s golden end. This year, it’s also a fun summer/fall family activity you can incorporate while social distancing!

If you missed the fields in July-August, don’t worry; there are still more to come in September and October. So go ahead, load up the car, grab your camera, and go get lost in a sea of flowers!

U-Pick Apple Orchards

Our team members are BIG fans of spending our weekends outdoors. It’s a little early for pumpkin patches, so why not go pick some apples instead?! There are so many yummy recipes you can make with the apples you pick, too! It’s the perfect weekend activity for everyone! So grab your flannels and get pickin’!

Fall Festivals

We have decided that Fall really should be at least a month longer than it is. There is SO much to do (like Fall Festivals!), and it’s such a fun time of year. Cincy & NKY have a ton of fabulous local Fall Festivals and events. We will fully admit that there is a fuzzy pumpkin covered line between what qualifies as a “patch” and what qualifies as a Fall Festival, but we do feel there is enough distinction for them to have their own space… thus, here we are.

Pumpkin Patches

We are so fortunate to have so many local farms offering family fun year round – but especially in the Fall. Make sure you set aside some time this season to support our local farmers by participating in the festivities! Here are our top recommended pumpkin patches around the Greater Cincinnati area.

Fall 2021 Bloom Event

Bloom is an event for new and expecting moms, foster moms, and adoptive moms (recommended for any mom up to toddler age!) in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area. Everyone is welcome! There will be great swag and giveaways that any mom will want to get in on. Just want to join in the fun? Choose “Access Only” when you register!

Virtual Event ~ September 18, 2021

Make sure to let us join in your Fall fun by tagging us on Instagram @cincymomcollective and using #MomsAroundCincy !


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