Why Shiloh Preschool was the Perfect Fit for Us!

Thank you to Shiloh Preschool for sponsoring this post with a real testimony from a parent who has a child attending Shiloh. We are excited to bring Cincinnati moms information about this West Side gem.

“Sending your child to school for the first time is not a decision parents can make lightly. Many parents make it a well-defined process to ensure that their child is in the safest hands possible.”

shiloh preschool is the perfect fitThis was exactly how we felt as we were weeding through the many children’s development institutions on the West Side of Cincinnati. 

Abigail is our firstborn and our “miracle” baby. We wanted to make sure she was in the most capable hands possible. From the first day walking into Shiloh Preschool, I felt more than comfortable leaving our daughter in capable hands. 

Abigail has always had a love of learning and a well-developed understanding of mechanics. Since she has attended Shiloh, Abigail has been able to distinguish between her feelings, and knows all her colors, shapes, and so much more. She is only three years old and shows educational knowledge equivalent to a Kindergartener. This development took off because of the amazing staff at Shiloh. 

Not only has Shiloh provided us with a sense of security for our child while attending, but they are connecting her to the knowledge she already holds and God, Himself. Through these teachings, Shiloh gives you a sense of security.

Shiloh gives parents a chance to interact in their child’s learning. Through the Star community, I have a voice in things my child gets to experience and learn. It is also great to see the photos throughout the day of the different activities my child is doing and the friends she is making. Being able to see and receive updates about my child’s education provides me with the reassurance that I made the absolute best decision on Abigail’s education. 


At Shiloh Preschool, they are serious about building relationships with their students and their families.  Their hope is to help foster a school family by using Conscious Discipline to increase connections between children and adults.

Shiloh Preschool Quote

The Reggio Approach suggests there are three teachers for a child’s learning: the parents, the classroom teacher, and the environment. The staff works diligently to create an environment that executes this philosophy.


You’ll find many exciting events at Shiloh to interact with your child, their families, and the staff. 

Events such as Preschool Prom, Sibling Play Dates, a Christmas Play, and many more take place during the school year.


Along with creating a curriculum that is based on the children’s interests, Shiloh brings in real-life experiences. Just ask them about the chickens, the growing garden, and the service dog visit!


Most importantly, the children are taught the love of Jesus. Monthly, the students visit Preschool Praise where they dance, sing, interact with puppets, and pray to help build their relationship with Him. By using Orange Curriculum, the children are taught that Jesus wants to be their friend forever.


If you are looking for a preschool, where your child develops a love of knowledge, God, and community, all while knowing they are in the best hands possible. Look no further; Shiloh Preschool offers it all. 

shiloh preschool is a great fit

Briana Fry is a mom of two, a business owner, and a full-time, award-winning business developer. She is passionate about her family and spends the majority of her free time experiencing life with the people she loves most. Briana loves to travel and see the beauty of the world. Briana loves to serve her community through different volunteering organizations. She is an advocate for second chances and for helping others turn their life around.


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