Smash It All, Mama!


I had been having a particularly rough week when my best friend said, “You’re meeting me after work – and it’s something you’re going to love.” I hate surprises, and I had to wait all day to find out what we were doing – but once there, it was all I ever dreamed of…

We went to a smash room!


Let’s go down memory lane for a moment. Remember the movie Office Space? The red stapler, the gangster rap playing with the nerdy computer guys, and the best scene ever – the smashing of the copier? If you haven’t seen it, just know that it’s one of those ridiculous 90s movies that you just have to have the right sense of humor for. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston is in it, too!

Thanks to the amazing satisfaction of breaking things but the real frustration and somewhat questionable looks you’d get from your partner if you started to do this around your home, there now are smash rooms you can pay to go and smash in a safe spot. And that’s exactly what this mama and her bestie did. We got the package that included glass items but also electronics (had to channel the Office Space vibe) and it’s really quite simple. They have protective gear you wear, a boom box you can play music from your phone, and they ask that you throw toward one corner to keep the flying glass in one general location. Other than that, you decide overhand, underhand, smash with a hammer – whatever you’d like. 

Now, when my friend and I first got started, it was, I’m sure, quite humorous as we were “nice” at first. One thing at a time, taking our time, and similar to a workout, we were just warming up. But, once we got into it, all bets were off and the glass was flying. It was an incredibly stress-relieving experience that was full of laughs and surprises and feeling so strong, too. 

Afterward, when we went for drinks and apps, we chatted about our smash experience and how it was much needed. We mamas often have to hold our you know what together as it can feel like all eyes are on us. Our kids are watching, our partner, the neighbors, our co-workers, etc. We try to look like we’ve got everything figured out, but really, we are just faking it. Doing something like this in a space where I could just let go felt so, so good. I can’t recommend smashing it all enough. Next, on to the patriarchy! 


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