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Home-Based Learning: Your New Normal

Parents nation-wide are tackling the challenge of helping their children learn from home. As schools have closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, distance learning is...

3 Reasons Mommy is Getting Her Bachelor’s Degree

  “Would it be crazy?” Me, literally asking my husband about going back to college. "Nope," he assured me. He never, ever told me I was...


Choosing the right school for your family can be a daunting task, but if there is one thing we learned while putting together this guide... it's that we are incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful options to choose from in Cincinnati and NKY!

Back-to-School Season is a Fresh Start for Mom, Too

I’m someone who loves a clean slate. To me, every Monday is an opportunity to start living anew and remedy bad habits. I’ve mentioned...

10 Sandwich-Free Lunchbox Ideas For Back-To-School

Ladies, this is not a drill. Get those lunchboxes ready. In T-minus however many days, my favorite holiday of the year will be here! Christmas?...

Three secrets from your kid’s teacher as the school year begins

Back-to-school brings jittery angst for everyone, including your kids’ teachers. My teacher friends and I joke that summer’s over on Fourth of July because...

A Letter to the School-Aged Mama

I have had the distinct privilege of staying home with my little tribe for the past eight years and as the day all my...

To the Teachers Who Show Up {for the Kids of 2019}

A couple of weekends ago, my 2nd and 3rd grader were in a school play. This play is exactly what you expect a play...

10 New Terms in Your Child’s Classroom

There’s lots of lingo and jargon out there when it comes to education today, and the best way for parents to stay up-to-date is...

Starting Kindergarten: 5 Things I Want Her to Know

Ellie won that llama herself at Kings Island just a few days ago! It was AWESOME! Summer has been amazing but it is coming...