Take That Airline Blanket {9 Ways to Use This Freebie}


If you’re like my family, you’ve got your airline chosen, travel plans booked and you are ready to get the heck away from these cicadas. In case you weren’t sure, I’m here to tell you that you need to take that airline blanket with you. If you’re a Marie Kondo fan, I get it. You’re going to say no thanks to the clutter, but our family has found many uses for these blankets.

Now, before I share our uses, I want to be clear. We ONLY use the blankets that come in a sealed bag as there have been reports of busy airlines reusing blankets and passing them out refolded. That is nasty and I’m not here for that. This is also why I always overpack and have layers in our bags in case we are cold and don’t want to catch something from the blanket.

But if you get to your seat and your airline blanket is wrapped and sealed, feel free to use it on the plane and know just like those plastic grocery bags, it is not a single-use sort of thing.


Our uses to date include:

  • Be picnic ready by keeping a few blankets in the car trunk
  • Use the blankets as puke barriers for a carsick kiddo or to keep a kid warm when everyone else wants the A/C on in the car
  • Art project “mats” – we use these blankets on the table or the ground when we paint
  • Carpet coverings when kiddos are sick to help them get to the bathroom
  • Tie the blankets together for tug of war game (if you’re brave)
  • Create a campsite for the dolls and stuffies by hanging them over the chairs in your dining room
  • As protection under a stinky cat or dog between them and your furniture or car seat
  • Pack fragile things that are getting shipped in flat rate boxes using the blankets
  • Wrap glasses and plates when you move

I’m sure we’ll find more ways to use these and maybe you will, too!


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