Live Your Best Life & Float!

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Float? Say what?

Yes, that’s right… I am here to tell you that you need to stop what you are doing right now and schedule yourself a time to float at Tao Float Lofts (locations in both Mariemont and West Chester). 

So, what exactly is floating?

Floating is one of the best methods for achieving deep mental relaxation and total physical relief. All the strenuous pressure of gravity fades away as you float effortlessly on top of the silky smooth water. Over the course of the session, your body and mind become revitalized at a core level. The sensory deprivation allows your mind to reach deep meditative states that typically take years of practice to attain through traditional meditation. In these states, you feel a sense of oneness and connection with the universe.

Float Quote
I am claustrophobic and don’t do relaxation well. I was surprised to find that I preferred having the complete darkness with the lid of the pod almost closed. I opted to leave it open just a crack because it kept some air moving which was helpful to me. I found myself mentally acknowledging my stress in life (which typically happens when I am still like this), but instead of having those thoughts cause additional stress, I was able to just let go of them and move past those thoughts without effort.”

Float Favorite
I loved stretching while in the pod. A fellow mama had given me this tip and I loved how these deep stretches made my body feel.

Float Tip
I forgot to bring a brush. They provide just about everything else you need for your post-float shower, but you will want to bring your individual post-shower necessities, especially if not going straight home.

Why Float?

There are a number of inherent benefits to floating. One of the most prevalent and noticeable benefits is relaxation. The environment of the flotation pods is designed to create an experience that will give you the feeling of being present, yet separate from your body. Your body feels weightless and after only a very short amount of time you find yourself in a state of just “being”. Other benefits include a reduction in anxiety and chronic pain.

Float Quote
I can’t remember a time that I was completely still for 60 minutes, ever. I had a chance to disconnect and slow my brain and body down. I didn’t realize how bad I needed that until I slept soundly for the first time in a long time.

Float Favorite
I have chronic back pain from a car accident a decade ago and I was completely pain-free for almost 30 hours! It was incredible.

Float Tip
Use the earplugs! Not worrying about water in my ears helped me relax.

A Note about Cryotherapy

The experts at Tao Float highly recommend taking an extra 15 minutes to treat your body with cryotherapy  (only at the Mariemont location) prior to your float. They feel strongly that this addition optimizes the benefits you will feel from the experience and we know from experience that the cold treatment makes the soothing float feel that much more amazing!

Cryotherapy is the local or general exposure of the body to sub-zero temperatures to promote multiple health benefits. We provide different types of cryotherapy sessions according to your needs, so you can choose between whole bodyCryo Facial or a localized treatment.

Float Quote
If you are a bit high strung (speaking for myself here), it takes a while to relax enough to really enjoy it. That being said, it is SO relaxing. Cryo was much less scary than I anticipated. I felt really anxious because I hate being cold, but it’s not claustrophobic-inducing at all, and not chilling the way a cold wind is. I could have easily done more time or a lower temp or probably both. Just go for it.

Float Favorite
Feeling completely weightless and being able to totally relax my back, which is always sore. And just being still. That never happens.

Cryo Tip
Don’t forget NO METAL means no metal hooks in your bra. Very important if you don’t wanna get naked with the tech.

Are you intrigued? If you plan to give cryotherapy and floating a try, here are a few more of our team tips to consider.

  • Cryo is worth the extra investment. And don’t be shy – trust their temperature recommendations. Sure, it may be cold, but it’s only for a couple minutes. And the float will feel so amazing afterward!
  • Avoid caffeine prior to floating
  • Don’t shave the morning of your float. Tao Float has vaseline to put on any cuts you may have, but the high salt volume could be irritating to freshly shaven legs.
  • It is your choice to wear (or not wear) a suit. If you do, you will want to bring a bag to take that wet bathing suit home in.
  • Bring comfy clothes to wear home. You will be so relaxed, the last thing you will want to do is put on confining skinny jeans.
  • Your “can’t live without” toiletries. They have towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc…, but you will need your own deodorant etc…
  • Use the headrest they provide to maximize your ability to relax your body.

If you would like to see what Cryo and Floating are all about, you can check out our video HERE and then hop online to schedule a float of your very own!



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