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I LOVE giving gifts. Maybe, a little too much. This past Christmas, my mom even asked me, “This is it, right?” Gift-giving is one of my main love languages. Any time a gift-giving opportunity comes up, I get excited. Christmas or Kid’s Birthday? Send me a list, and I am on it! Wedding? Bridal or baby shower? I am perusing that registry the moment I open the invitation. Click, click, add to cart, and DONE. I find myself even making up excuses to give gifts to my loved ones. And it can’t be just any gift – it has to be thoughtful, meaningful, and sentimental. Sometimes, finding a thoughtful, meaningful gift for someone that I do not know very well (like teachers!) is difficult until I found a new twist on gift cards that I can buy and make at home!

buygiftcards.comSending a gift card to my son’s preschool teacher as her gift was perfect for Christmas this year. The preschool director emailed me her wish list, and I eagerly picked out a Bath & Body Works gift card, which I purchased directly from their website. Even last minute, I was able to effortlessly check it off my to-do list, and I knew she would love it because it was on her wish list. However, compared to my normal themed gifts, it wasn’t a gift I felt particularly excited or proud about giving.

gift cardThis year for Teacher Appreciation Day and our end-of-the-year gift, I’m armed with the knowledge that teachers actually PREFER gift cards. I went to buygiftcards.com to find a gift for my son’s preschool teacher that I was proud to give. I was amazed at all of the options available. Literally, almost every gift card you can think of (200+) is right there, in one spot! And, the best part is they combine a professionally designed greeting card and gift card in one for no extra cost that I can print at home immediately. No more last-minute trips to the grocery store for a gift card!

We also had the option to leave it up to his teacher to choose the gift card with their BGC Card, but we opted to get her favorite again, Bath & Body Works. We made a printable gift card, and the pdf was delivered to my email. My son and I picked out an adorable eGreeting from the BeDazzled Kid Creative Gift Card line. He loved the rainbow that he got to decorate himself the most! We added the CUTEST photo from his school picture day and his own thank-you message for a special touch, which printed along with the gift card directly onto the cardstock. So convenient! It was much more fun and rewarding to have my son involved in the gift giving process this time!

teacher giftHe smiled and laughed as he decorated his gift card for his beloved Ms. Jena. He used paint markers to color in the rainbow (a little outside the lines of course!) and with my help, he glued on cotton balls to make the clouds. It lifted my spirits seeing him so proud of his one-of-a-kind creation. We are so excited for his teacher to see her gift, which is so much more than just a gift card. It is my kind of gift – a heartfelt masterpiece, a gift BOTH of us are proud to give.

And, I already have my eye on the adorable finger print bouquet gift card for Mother’s Day and the handprint card for Father’s Day!

Visit buygiftcards.com to get yours today for the special teacher(s) in your life. May 4th is Teacher Appreciation Day!



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