Technology Time Out


It is happening today! Technology is in my face way too much. It is not good for my health, it is keeping me from being productive, and it is getting in the way of being able to enjoy the simple things in life. I am giving myself a Time Out!

cmb-technology-time-outI am not talking about the kind that you need when your kids are driving you crazy, however, I still encourage you to take those. Hiding in the closet to inhale a few cookies or to chug a mommy-drink will never hurt anyone! I am referring to the kind that involves putting down the phone and closing the laptop because “checking in” is happening too much.  I am the only one that can put a stop to this awful habit. It is time for a Technology Time Out!

My good friend gave me the idea, which is genius! She definitely deserves a giant feather in her “managing life” hat! The reality of it is that we are quick to put our children in a time out due to making a poor choice, so why not do it for ourselves? Parents make poor choices, too. Plus, it is alway good to take a break. If there really is such a thing in the world of parenthood!

One of my struggles is that I have to research & analyze before putting things into place. It really is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Being an information-seeker who is always analyzing can be good, but it also involves a lot of time online. My inner-dork really misses the days when you had to go to the library to find information!

I actually came across an acronym while doing my research on technology use, and it is called “FOMO”. I had never heard of it before (is that lame?). For others who have no idea what in the heck it stands for, it is the “Fear oF Missing Out!” Well guess what folks, I have this condition, which is in part to blame for all of my time with technology!

Upon sitting down and really thinking about this self-diagnosis, the problem is not only wanting to be in the know about everything, it is the ability to be able to respond quickly. Whether it is checking e-mail, perusing social media, or just chatting with a friend, time online adds up to be a larger chunk of the day than one may realize.

Here are a few examples of my, not so quick, excuses for jumping online:

“I found this great event/article I want to share because I love to spread the word!”

“We really need to cut down on sugar in this house, let me just pop on Pinterest for some healthy snack ideas.”

“I have to do some research for an upcoming blog post. Hello Google!”

“The girls really need some new clothes. Let me check out Zulily.”


Here are 3 ways that I am going to accomplish my Time Out. There is no real solution, because you have to do what works for you. My goal is to put the appropriate actions into place to be able to have one, or more every day.

1. Make a list of all of your technology tasks the night before and do your best to accomplish them before kid feet hit the floor, and after they go to bed. One thing that bothers me the most, is when I am trading time with my family to complete tasks that involve technology.

2. Create a designated time throughout the day. This counts for those that work, and for those that stay at home. Trust me, if you tally up how many times you check e-mail, log on to Facebook/Instagram or browse Pinterest, you will be shocked at how much time per day you are spending online.

3. Schedule a specific day to log on to social media. I realize that this may not work for all avenues, but if you can manage 1 or 2 things this way, it will help. For example, many of us have a laundry day right? Why not a Pinterest day, or a day to do all of your Instagram posts? In my opinion, it is totally worth a shot!

Does anyone else need a Technology Time Out? If so,  join me on my quest to cut down on screen-time! I think it will be good for all of us. And in case you were wondering, I am composing this lovely conglomeration of insight while my coffee is still hot, and my children are still sleeping. I think that counts as a success on my new quest! What kinds of things do you do to keep technology use in check? I would love to hear some best-practices!

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I'm a small-town girl, born & raised in Ohio. I've lived in Cincinnati since 2003, and am grateful for all of my adventures in this wonderful city! My husband Mike & I have two daughters, Audrey and Josephine. I have been a SAHM since our first daughter was born, which means most of my days are filled with story-reading, adventure-planning and playing dress-up. I love event planning, fashion and make up. Coffee & Reese's Cups are among my favorites as well! One of my sought after hobbies is finding time for "Me Time" (by myself that is)....we all do that right? I look forward to sharing the joys of motherhood with all of you!


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