The 2nd Pregnancy


2ndpregnancyWe all know that every pregnancy is different. Our bodies are different with each one and respond differently. Duh. But what I am loving so far, being 16 weeks along with my second, is how mentally different pregnancies are. I suppose it makes sense, but I still find myself cracking up at the vast differences…

1st pregnancy: I have 166 days until my due date.
2nd pregnancy: I forgot I was pregnant most of the day yesterday.

1st: That magical moment when you get the crib put together and realize this is actually happening…
2nd: We don’t have room for a crib, so the baby will sleep in a hand-me-down bassinet that I got from a stranger. (Hey…it’s better than a dresser drawer with a blanket in it.)

1st: Nursery decorating! Oh, the colors, the themes, the options!
2nd: Remember the aforementioned bassinet? That will be the baby’s “room” until it can crawl out of it. (Then we’ll move it to the dresser drawer.)

1st: I just found out I’m pregnant…lets start picking out names!
2nd: Is there a time limit on giving the kid a name after its born? (No really, I’m asking.)

1st: Look at that “Baby’s First Halloween” shirt! We must have “baby’s first” of everything!
2nd: My kid will be the one wearing a baby’s first Halloween shirt in March, because it was his older brother’s and they were born in different seasons.

1st: Who wants to see my sonogram pictures?!
2nd: I think I have a sonogram picture somewhere in the bottom of one of my many thirty-one bags.

1st: All of these monthly belly pictures on pinterest are adooooorable.

1st: I’m starting to show! How wonderful!
2nd: Um, I’m like 4 days pregnant and starting to show. This is stupid.

1st: No, I don’t need medicine. I will just suffer through this illness to protect my baby from any medication side effects.
2nd: If you don’t give me some cough medicine with codeine right now, doctor, I will strangle you with the strap of my new thirty-one bag.

1st: I wonder who the baby’s going to look like.
2nd: I hope the baby has all of its extremities considering all the meds I’ve taken.  And I ate a Jimmy Johns ham sandwich the other day, exposing fetus to the evils of cold cuts.

1st: I love talking about my pregnancy! It’s the highlight of my day…did you know that my baby is the size of an orange?
2nd: Pregnant?  Oh, right.  I hate fruit.  Leave me alone.

Shout out to all the mama’s out there who are pregnant for a second time! 

Comment and let me know how your pregnancies were different!


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