The Joy of Vacuuming


Of all the house hold chores, vacuuming is the one I hate the least.  Which is a good thing because with two young kids and two dogs, I could justify pulling out the vacuum at least three times a day (I don’t).  What I like the most about vacuuming, is the immediate gratification that comes from seeing something transform into cleanliness before my eyes.  My mind wanders as I work diligently to make those perfect little line patterns on the carpet and a few minutes later, I feel like I have accomplished something with my day, even if it barely dented the massive to do list, I constantly have going.

My husband and I have always had a pretty traditional approach to household chores.  I do the cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking.  He in turn kills all bugs, takes out the trash and handles the majority of the heavy yard work.

DSC_3778When I was a teenager, I made one half-hearted attempt at cutting the grass.  I literally pushed the mower two feet before giving up and declaring myself awful at the task.  In truth, it is one thing that this independent woman has never had any desire to do.  And until now, I have avoided the task with every effort of my being.  Until today.  Miserable weather on my husband’s days off made it impossible for him to complete this chore and watching my children wade through calf high grass to get to their play set finally broke my resolve.

Here is what my first grass cutting experience taught me.  I suck at starting the darn thing.  If this were not a factor in the process, I would have been finished in half the time, but as it were I spent a great deal of time cursing that blasted machine.  I also learned that like vacuuming, I kind of enjoyed it.  It had that same feeling of immediate gratification as I watched the long grass give way in my path to nice short clean stripes. I actually enjoyed the solitude and quiet in which my mind was able to wander.  And when it was all said and done, it felt good to have accomplished something where I could really see the difference.  So despite the fact that I now have blisters on my hands and I ended up having to call a friend to come help me start the thing one final time, it wasn’t the awful chore I have always dreaded it would be.  Just please don’t tell my husband I said that because I am now refusing to learn to use the edger.

What household chore do you secretly enjoy?


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