Toddler Tuesday: Tailgating Toddler Style


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Tis’ the season…the Bengals season that is!  And what better way to really show Cincinnati pride than tailgating.  For parents with small children, I’m talking tailgating toddler style.  My family and I are huge Bengal fans so we love going to games every chance we get.  The only problem is that we have a toddler and often times it seems difficult to take a child of such age to a game.  However, did you know toddlers get into games free?  This makes a game outing a little bit more worthwhile.

TTuesTailgateOnce I decided that we’d take our tot out for his first Bengals game, the next task was how to engage him for such a long period of time.  Tailgating seemed to be the perfect fit since he could be more interactive prior to the game and then relax or nap during the game.  We asked him to help pick lots of toddler friendly snacks such as fresh fruit, animal crackers, and cheese sandwiches.  Then, we allowed him to be a part of the grilling (that was his favorite part!)  Finally, we packed his favorite toys, games, and books.

Tailgating can be such a fun event if you keep a creative (and calm) mind.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but after putting all the details in place beforehand it will be a success.  A few key items to always keep in mind are food- what will your toddler really enjoy, activities- will it be best to bring toys, games, etc., and finally rest time- toddlers get stimulated and restless easily so have a plan for resting and napping.

When it comes to involving toddlers in tailgating fun, a little preparation goes a long way in making it fun for the entire family.


Toddler Tailgating


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