Easy Valentine’s Day Gifts


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you may feel obligated to get something for your partner. Without breaking the bank on these gifts, here are some easy and thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts you can make for your partner.


Because Book

Use cardboard or heavier paper to make a small book. Include 52 pages plus two more for a back and front cover. On each of the 52 pages, write a reason why you love your partner. Try to be specific. For example, instead of saying “you’re funny” or “you’re kind,” give specific examples of the type of sense of humor your partner has or what about him or her makes you laugh or talk about a specific time that his or her kindness touched your heart.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Fruit

Candies and sweets are so expensive around the holidays. Why not make your own goodies for your partner? Try to make the day of (or the night before at the earliest) so your fruit stays fresh. Make chocolate-covered strawberries, but also think outside the box, and include other fruits like pineapple and apples with other toppings like sprinkles or coconut. You will save a bunch of money, and your partner is sure to appreciate the homemade treat!

Picture Frame

Get an inexpensive frame at the dollar tree or a craft store that you can embellish yourself. Decorate the border of the frame with mementos of memories with your partner. You may want to include dates – your first date, your first kiss, engagement day and wedding day. Include ticket stubs from favorite events or favorite dates. Include mementos from your favorite vacations together. Finally, include a picture in your frame from one of those memories to make it more special.

Date a Month

I made a date-a-month calendar the Christmas after I had known my husband for only five months. He joked that if I wanted to date him for another year that I was stuck with him. I decorated 12 envelopes and wrote each month on the outside of each envelope. Inside each one, I included a date night for that month. You can include generalized ideas for each month – an ice cream date, a picnic, a game night or you can be more specific and buy an ice cream gift card or buy a new game for that month. You can also buy concert tickets, sporting tickets and/or theatrical performance tickets for specific dates.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? What gifts have you given your significant other in the past?


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