Planning a Holly Jolly Quarantine {Virtual Secret Santa}


It’s the subject we have all been afraid to bring up! How do we celebrate the holiday season this year while being safe from COVID? Well, I just spent two months concocting a plan that will help my family feel more connected through this pandemic. I know the fears that your children won’t feel the holiday joy this year, but let me help you kick that mentality to the curb by looking forward to this fun new way to celebrate the holidays this year from home.

Take the craziness out of the shopping list by simplifying this year with a virtual Secret Santa.

secret santa

Choose one member of the family who is tech-savvy. Have them download an app that will choose at-random out of the list of names of your family members. Do this until each person is paired with another person for their Secret Santa.

After you have your list ready, send out an email to all the family members requesting their Christmas lists (three things under a certain dollar amount – we did $20) and their current address, then forward the required information to their Secret Santa.

Before your virtual live Christmas event, everyone will receive an emailed link to the Zoom or Facebook messenger video call as well as a random package from their Secret Santa. These will be opened on the video call as you all celebrate from the comfort of your own homes.

Including the kids? We are sending out the kids’ wish lists to the family as well, but are not requiring them to open on the camera. This will allow the kids to be present and feel involved without taking the conversation away from the family as a whole. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to wake up on Christmas to a bunch of packages and just play with their toys all day?

We get to see the family, all feel appreciated, and rest on a holiday? Crazy talk! Plus, by assuring that all members (besides kids) are involved in the Secret Santa, then you are saving that budget that we all know 2020 rocked.

The virtual Secret Santa just one way I plan on making the holidays special in my house this year. What special things are you planning for yours?


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