Cincinnati is said to be a city with a small town feel and all of the big city amenities. Those that live here really do feel like we have it all. Must-see attractions, professional sports teams, an extensive park system, a well established arts presence, amusement parks, interesting history, local cuisine, an award winning zoo and so much more – all situated on a beautiful riverfront.

We definitely feel like there are many reasons why Cincinnati should be a destination for visiting families and are excited to be building this resource for those looking to visit the Queen City!


Cincinnati Cuisine


Cincinnati is home to some unique tastes, including goetta (found very rarely outside of this city), Cincinnati style chili, a thriving craft beer scene and the infamous Graeter’s Ice Cream. A visit to Cincinnati is not complete without sampling some of our local fare!

Must See Attractions


Cincinnati has a lot of unique places to visit while you are in town. Some of these places have been part of the fabric of Cincinnati for a long time! Thrill-seekers, nature lovers, arts and history buffs and those just looking to have a great time will all find something to do in Cincinnati.

Shop Cincinnati


If you are looking to shop local there are a few areas of town where you will find your haven. Cincinnati is a great mix of old and new and this is reflected in the commerce of the city. Many historic neighborhoods still exist around town and are perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll and some shopping.

Play Outside

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Not only is the Cincinnati riverfront breathtaking, but it is home to some of the best outdoor fun to be had in this city. Add in our famous bike trail, various waterways and well-maintained park system and you have plenty of reasons to step outside.

Local Love

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If a Cincinnati native were going to spend a week on vacation in the Queen City, what would they do? Even though it is hard for us to name all of our favorites, we think we did a pretty good job coming up with some of our ideal staycations here in town.