Wardrobe Wars


My daughter and I fight. Not a real fight, she is only 5! It is the type of fight that moms of kiddos this age are often talking about. I just didn’t think that it would be my turn quite yet! Motherhood involves many kinds of fights right Eating what is served for dinner, cleaning up the play room, getting ready to leave the house, going to bed, and the list goes on. We all can relate in some way, and some of us can handle those fights better than others!

Wardrobe Wars are happening in our house, and to be honest I just can’t handle it! I know that when you have a daughter, it comes with the territory, but holy moly I was not ready to deal with this in Kindergarten! What on earth is coming my way when she is a teenager? I do recall my mother picking out my clothes for me at this age, and I’m pretty sure that I put them on with no questions asked. My how times have changed! I don’t need a pity party by any means, but a second round will be coming soon, once my 2 year old decides on the importance of fashion in her life. Ugh! Do you all have any advice?

I almost feel stupid for even participating in the banter that goes on as we try to work together to pick out an outfit. The arguments are usually centered around the way pants fit, needing to wear a specific kind of shoes or the fact that she wants to wear a dress when it is below zero. My replies, usually yelling, include that she will have to go to school naked (just kidding), or I threaten her with a mom-created uniform, which I now think is a brilliant idea! Probably not the best responses that a mom can have, and I promise to work on that. In all honesty though, I would rather go back to the days of changing a cute little outfit for the 5th time due to a stream of spit up or explosive blow out. Babies can’t talk, and are smiling from ear to ear when they have a clean outfit on!

My daughter loves clothes, shoes and sparkles like most girls her age and  don’t get me wrong, I love that about her!  I could  just do without all of the events that happen prior to her daily outfit selection. My husband and I often chuckle at the fact that she could be the next Punky Brewster, and I am ok with that. Having clothes that matched used to be a requirement, but I chose to let that go in hopes of wardrobe wars going by the wayside. It has gotten somewhat better, but we still have our moments!  

Feel free to humor me with the wardrobe wars that you are happening in your house, at dance class, or in the middle of the aisle at Target. We all know that they can happen anywhere at any time!

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I'm a small-town girl, born & raised in Ohio. I've lived in Cincinnati since 2003, and am grateful for all of my adventures in this wonderful city! My husband Mike & I have two daughters, Audrey and Josephine. I have been a SAHM since our first daughter was born, which means most of my days are filled with story-reading, adventure-planning and playing dress-up. I love event planning, fashion and make up. Coffee & Reese's Cups are among my favorites as well! One of my sought after hobbies is finding time for "Me Time" (by myself that is)....we all do that right? I look forward to sharing the joys of motherhood with all of you!


  1. My daughter is two.five and I have the same problem. I just let her pick and choose. One day it was pajamas and I just let her. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin. I feel like as I grew up, I worried too much about what others thought of me, of my clothing, especially for those special events. I don’t want her to care. So I give in. A dress in winter? totally, as long as she wears pants underneath because it’s cold out there.


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