The craft beer scene in Cincinnati is thriving!
Parenthood changes a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the atmosphere and flavors of our local breweries.

We have you covered with everything from our “kid-friendliness” rating to our pick for what you should get “on tap”. 

If a brewery is rated "0" that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to bring your kids, it just means that we recommend you do your research before you do and potentially reserve that location for date night or for your next girl's night out!

Pink = No Food or BYOF; Orange = Appetizers or Lite Fare; Green = Full Menu

Brink Brewing Company

Good beer is about the people, the stories, and the experience. If you are looking for that true neighborhood feel, look no further!

Brink Brewing Company is a craft brewery that provides quality beers and a welcoming, comfortable tap room that creates a community, a place to share stories, and a place to make new friends. The ultimate goal of Brink is to share a love of craft beer with the community.

Brink has a dedicated kids area in the front corner of the taproom (little tables, coloring pages, etc.) plus changing stations in both bathrooms! The casual atmosphere, especially the enclosed outdoor patio, is totally kid (and dog) friendly. 

CMB Mom Tip: Bring your own kids snacks and drinks!

While Brink does have a selection of canned non-alcoholic drinks and bagged chips in case you get the munchies, we recommend ordering burgers from Bacall’s or Italian from Red Rose next door and carrying in if you’re looking for a meal. 

CMB Recommendation: Apricot Debbie Jean

New to Brew Recommendation: Debbie Jean Blonde

Fibonacci Brewing Co.

CMB Recommendation: Oberhausen Kolsch

Urban Artifact

CMB Recommendation: Seasonal Brews

Brink Brewing Company

CMB Recommendation: Apricot Debbie Jean