What?! No Snow Day??


What?! No Snow Day??We have started into prime snow day territory. The kids love to see the beautiful snow, but as parents we dread the white fluffy stuff. Snow means we may have to make last minute arrangements for our kids. Or maybe we have decided that today should have been a snow day instead of just a delay, or even *gasp* a day where we received no call and the kids are on their regular schedule.

I love reading the comments on the district Facebook page when they post their decision for the day…

Are you kidding?! Now I have to find a babysitter, at 5:45am! Or Couldn’t we have tried a delay first? Or even I can’t believe the kids had school today. How could you not see the ice on the road??!

I’m sure residents of our district are no different than residents of yours in this regard.

Let me remind you that our district officials (and yours!!) have the best interest of the kids at heart. Of course, the superintendent wants the kids to learn and attend school as many days as possible, but above all, they want to ensure their safety. Their job is to make sure the kids arrive to and are dismissed from school SAFELY. If they feel the road conditions are unsafe, it is then they will call a delay or go ahead and close for the day. Please let them do their job and remember, before complaining that they have inconvenienced you, they are thinking of your kids first!


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