Words and Phrases To Avoid This Year


A new year is full of its spoken words of resolution, reflection, and renewal and it is in these places where one chooses which dreams are prioritized as action to pursue. Social media is infiltrated with a share of self help tips and strategies for discipline and yet within a month or two of passion a downward spiral of weariness of the hype of it all wanes and shifts.

Implementing change takes an intentional effort that needs self awareness and mental belief to fight the trenches of perseverance.

I value goal setting and new years resolutions fill me with ambition and excitement; however, it has grown even more apparent to me in this last year that writing down words and action steps without also focusing on self-awareness and mental strength will leave one defeated before they even get started. Do you find yourself caged in by negative thoughts that are keeping you from success and growth?

This processing led me to think through any reasons that my new year’s resolutions were not met and it all comes down to allowing certain phrases to stay in my vocabulary.  

Write your goals and vision for what this year could be for you, but let us take a few moments to focus on words and phrases to avoid as we journey in this year to achieve them. And might I add that writing new years resolutions is not about creating a long list of to do’s; it is about believing in yourself and the strength that you have to continue growing into the healthiest version of yourself.

Speaking affirmations are important for belief so join me in voicing this commitment:

As I pursue the growth of this year, here are top 3 words and phrases I resolve to avoid for a while…


I can’t…  

This is a place where breathing those two words can be sharper than any sword. When my five-year-old compares himself to his older siblings and feels the brunt of things that he does not know how to do yet, he will wrestle with those two words.

A phrase that we switch dialogue with is that instead of saying I can’t then we can say “I CAN because I am always learning.”

Give yourself the grace to know that you are always standing on teaching ground.

Must be nice…

Have you felt yourself whispering these three words when you become immersed with comparison and envy for what others are achieving compared to you? I have learned the powerful weight that fixating on how others seem to have it “easier, better, faster” than you can destroy your mind swiftly and right down to the bones. It is the most non-helpful statement that you can utter; therefore, next time you feel yourself voicing its attack, instead say “gratitude turns what I have into enough.”

Even if you are working towards a goal that others are receiving then always keep in mind that you can not compare your chapter three with their seven. You can receive gratitude for where you are on the journey, even when goals for forward movement are present.  Fight in those trenches with the beautiful blend of grit and of grace believing that there is enough success for you to receive in this world as well.

I am not good enough …

I have heard these words spoken in various forms where it sounds like a repeat button is stuck. STOP STOP STOP discounting yourself from where you are standing on your journey and saying that who you are is not of worth and value to this world. YOU are the one and only unique YOU, so to carry on down the path of what you cannot will only leave you playing the victim and never the victor of your story.  Resist the urge to focus on places that you are growing and learning so heavily that you forget the powerful gift of your traits and your talents to share with this world. Do not allow the standards of others or the pace the culture sets for you dictate how you are strengthened in your self-growth.

 Instead of believing the words I am not good enough shout out the words My worth can never be shaken and I am always enough. Evaluate the standards and the weights that you lay upon your shoulders.  

What are some words and phrases that you can resolve to avoid as you pursue the resolutions of this new year?

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