3 Additional Uses for Your Holiday Cards


cardsDespite my best intentions, only three of our holiday cards even made it to the post office last year. True story. The remaining 22 cards have been sitting on an IKEA side table for 11 months now, except of course, when my one-year-old scatters them around the living room to remind me that I am a slacker. 

While I am committed to doing better with our 2016 cards, I have also become an expert on what to do with those extra cards you may have laying around.

Without further adieu, I present 3 Additional Uses for Your Holiday Cards.

  1. Display Them: There are so many different and cute ways to display your cards. You can do one in a standing frame, which I love for grandparent gifts.  Put together a matte with 5-10 years of holiday cards together, or a gallery wall with every year in a different frame. Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Walmart, and Target have excellent affordable frames.

shape_rounded-corners-a7_l  shape_rounded-corners-a7_p

(Just a few of our holidays cards that are going up on our wall. Because we naturally have extras from every year…) 

2. Make a keepsake ornament for the year: I’m going to be honest, I got this idea from a friend who makes wedding invitation ornaments every year. Instead of wedding invitations (which I surprisingly didn’t have any extra off), I am making ornaments of our our 2012- 2016 cards. It’s super easy and are special ornaments to put on the tree every year! Just cut your holiday card into strips and fill a clean ornament like the ones found here

3. Make them into coasters or a puzzle: I love a simple DIY project that I can knock out in an afternoon hour. Coasters and puzzles satisfy this requirement. Sure, you can order a photo online, but you can also just make your own by mod-podging (that can be a verb, right?) your holiday cards onto a piece of cardboard and cutting into the desired shapes. Something cute for your little one to play with for about five minutes! Coasters are equally as easy. You just need 4 things – plain coasters, your holiday card, mod-podge, and acrylic spray. 

The best thing is, these can be applied to wedding and shower invitations, birthday invitations, and meaningful card. 

Do you do anything special with your holiday cards? Comment below! 

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