5 Back to School Supplies for Moms (Make-Up Bag Style)


5 Back to School Supplies for MomsIt’s that time of year again!


Some of us had pom poms ready to cheer and rally our kids to the bus stop and others had a giant box of Kleenex in hand, shedding tears because our babies are yet another year older! I am definitely shedding tears, even though I was sure that I wasn’t going to get emotional about our oldest daughter starting Kindergarten. Who was I kidding?? This is tough!

Once again we are frantically making lists (or at least I am): school supplies, new clothes, uniforms, lunches, schedules, activities, and events. The list goes on and on! It is now time to add something to the list for you, as you are getting yourself together (physically and emotionally) for the arrival of the Big Yellow Bus. Maybe call it a simple reminder not to forget about “you” while you are in the trenches!

Grab your make-up bag or treat yourself to one if you don’t have one. I just saw a darling pencil bag at Target that would make a great one! Especially if you need to justify buying something for yourself during back-to-school shopping! A pencil bag is a “school supply” so put it on your list. Your husband will never know!

Now it is time to add a few things to your bag. Moms deserve a few supplies too! I promise that they will help to put a pep in your step when you are too tired to function. Whether your alarm didn’t go off, you didn’t have time to shower, or your kids kept you up all night…these products will help you to look like you have it together when all you would like to do is hit the snooze button and rewind back to summer!

5 Make-Up bag Mom “Must-Haves” for Back-To-School!

Dry Shampoo
This product is a life saver for me! It allows me to refresh my hair on day 2 (or 3) when I don’t have time to deal with my crazy mop. The spray is much like a powder that will gives volume, while taking away dirt and oil. The beauty of it is, you never have to set foot in the shower! Don’t judge, there are times when a shower is just too much! I actually use 2 different kinds, depending on if I want to go curly or straight. TRESemme has a dry spray for straight hair and a light foam for curly hair. The best part is that it costs a couple of bucks a bottle. Score! You can thank me now, because you WILL love it!

Face Spray
I never really understood this product until I gave it a try. I call it a “wake-up call” in a bottle. We all have those days where we simply cannot get motivated. We have been outside with our kiddos all day, our skin is parched, and all we want to to take a quick nap. The reality is, that will never happen. You have to try Moisture Surge Face Spray by Clinique, it is like a drink of water for your skin! It is simply a way to give your skin moisture. Simply give your face a spray, and it will soften and soothe in a flash! It does contain aloe, but no oil. Use under or over make up. Retail price is less than $25.

This is a product that I use all year round. Even as we have soaked up a lot of sun in the last few months (hopefully using sunscreen), bronzer is a way to give yourself a touch of color, without using actual make-up. I prefer a powder bronzer, but there are other options available to fit your style. I recently stumbled upon Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer (Shade: Ticket to Brazil). It has an SPF 15 and is $5. Works just as good as ones that I have paid close to $30 for!

Lip Color
I can’t go anywhere without some type of lip color! If I don’t have it on, people are quick to assume that I don’t feel well or that I am tired. Aren’t moms always tired?! If you haven’t use lip color before, I suggest going with a sheer finish. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is one of my favorites. $9 per stick. I prefer a long-wearing formula that will stay on through countless cups of coffee! If you are with me, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer is your product! $18 per tube. You can also use your lip color as cheek color. Dot some color on the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your finger. Who knew if was a 2 for 1 product!

Another necessity for me! I know many of us can’t go without it. The Prestige brands have fabulous mascara, but I can’t justify spending the same amount of money that it would cost my family to grab a quick bite for dinner. Anyone else with me? Many people rave about Maybelline Great Lash (the one with the pink tube/green cap). It was ok, but I found something better! Covergirl Lashblast Volume (Orange Tube). It gives fullness and length and doesn’t smudge. Less than $7 a tube & often on sale. Sometimes I can even snag a coupon, which makes anything better!

Let me know what you think, and feel free to comment below with your Make-Up Bag Must Haves. Now grab those pom poms and put on your Back-To-School Game Face. We can do this!

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