5 Counting Songs That Won’t Drive You Completely Crazy

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As an Early Childhood teacher, I’ll be the first to admit that some songs my students listened to and sang in the classroom drove me a little crazy. However, there were other songs that I totally got into and even found myself jamming out to as I made dinner or folded clothes at home.

There was nothing more satisfying that finding a song that was catchy and truly helped students hone their skills. The internet, especially YouTube, is a goldmine for these gems.

Without further adieu, I present to you 5 Counting Songs That Won’t Drive You Completely Crazy.

(1) Count Bounce Countdown / Counting 1-10.

(2) Numbers Help Me Count / Counting 1-20.

(3) I Can Count to 100 / Counting to 100 by ones.

(4) Counting By Fives / Counting to 100 by fives.

(5) Counting By 10 Song / Counting to 100 by tens.

These truly helped my students count to 20 without dropping 15 and skip count to 100 without dropping 40. That’s a win.

Disclaimer: They may get stuck in your head when you’re driving or trying to take a shower or at work, but hey isn’t anything better than Caillou?

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