9 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for the Kids


I cannot believe I’m writing a Valentine’s Day Blog already.  Seriously, wasn’t it just the Holidays?! But I digress.

I love doing theme activities with my daughter, Ellie. She’s at the perfect age when she finds these sort of things fun and entertaining. It also gives me an excuse to look on Pinterest. If you didn’t catch last year’s post, you can find it here

Valentine’s Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Hearts – Everyone has toilet paper rolls lying around, why not use them as a craft? Paint, paper, tape, and toilet paper rolls are all you need!

I Love you to Pieces –  My daughter has made this craft several times. I always hold onto it. It’s one of my all time favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts. 

Fruit Loop NecklacesThe website says to make it into a bird feeder. But I think kids would just enjoy eating the Fruit Loops. 

Paper Plate Yarn Hearts   Yay fine motor skills (sorry teacher inside of me)! How awesome are these? Who knew yarn and paper plates could make something so unique.

Coffee Filter Hearts –  Coffee filters, markers, and some water and you get this cool craft. Each child can pick with colors they want to color with and go to town. It’s a little messy! But, what’s life without a little mess? 

Adorable Hats – My daughter made these last year in her preschool class at church. Adorable. Make good pictures, even though they probably won’t last long after you make them. PS. pencils work really well to twist the pipe cleaners with! 

Paper Plate Card Holder Such a cute way to hold your child’s school Valentines. Your child could make it their own, too. Doesn’t have to be copied straight off of Pinterest. Individuality! 

Pretzel Bites  Conversation hearts, pretzels, and chocolate kisses. So cute and it’s an easy snack to make for a class or work party.

DIY Heart Stamps Heart stickers, clothes pins, and paint. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Show us your creations and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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