A Farewell to CMB


FarewellThis post is hard to write. Mainly because it is my last post for the Cincinnati Mom’s Blog. Yes, you read that correctly- my last *ever* (barring any unforeseen circumstances). My family and I are packing up and moving back to our home state of Virginia. We are supremely excited for this new adventure- new job opportunities, the ability to be closer to family (a 2 hour drive instead of 10), and the chance to reconnect with old friends all make this change a positive one for us. But it also means leaving behind some great friends and communities- those people who have made our seven years in Cincinnati memorable and fun. I consider CMB (the community, my co-contributors, and our founders) to be one of those pieces of my life in Cincinnati that I will truly miss. And I will miss it beyond words.

Seriously, how cute is that pillow? Beth is pretty adorable as well!

I joined CMB as a contributor during the site’s pre-launch. The first official post had not yet gone live when I told Sarah and Jesika that I would love to join them on this adventure and write for the blog. That was a little over a year ago… it’s hard to believe that it’s been JUST one year. It feels like this community has been part of my life for much longer than that.

As much as CMB has been part of my life, I’ve been part of its, too. I’ve seen the blog go from announcement to our first post to our first shares to our first major blog milestones to the amazing site it is today. Even though Sarah and Jesika are the brains behind this well-oiled machine (and believe me, they deserve ALL the credit and praise we can heap on them for making CMB such a success), I feel as if I’ll be losing a little piece of myself when I leave CMB behind. Because it’s given me another outlet for my writing. And a good excuse to go out and meet new people. And impetus to explore this city. And so much more that I just cannot even begin to explain.

So, thank you, Sarah and Jesika, for inviting me along on this ride with you. If you hadn’t suggested I hop on board, I would have missed out on so much- and I wouldn’t have even known it. And thank you, readers, for helping CMB grow and flourish. Without you, there’d be no CMB, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to contribute to this amazing resource over this past year.

Even though I’ll be away from Cincinnati, and a few states over from Ohio, you can bet I’ll still be reading and following CMB. I wish the team all the success in the world, and I can’t wait to watch how CMB grows over the many years to come. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all.

The Cincinnati Moms Blog team was very sad to see Beth go. We sent some Cincinnati love with her via Cincy In A Box. Check out all the fun Cincy themed gift options they have available on their site… perfect for friends both near and far!

::Photo Courtesy of Cincy in a Box::



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