Birthday in the Time of Quarantine


My little girl turns 3 at the beginning of April. We had a moderate party planned at a local indoor party place, with a dinosaur theme and fun party favors. 

Now, with everyone in quarantine, the plans are needing to be changed. How do I explain to my precious girl that she can’t have her dino party because of the virus? 

We’ve been talking about the virus since it became evident we needed to prepare. She knows that “the coronavirus” is around and it’s caused us to be at home and unable to see family and friends. 

A party is a different story; it feels like we’re canceling her actual birthday.


How do you help an almost-3-year-old comprehend that while her birthday is still happening, the party isn’t? 

Well, I chose to try and make her birthday as special as possible! Here are a few things that we’ve decided to implement as a family for a Quarantine Birthday:

  1. A “virtual visit” with Moana. I found an amazing person online that usually offers princess visits for birthday parties, but has taken her services online. She will be doing a half-hour session with my daughter, which includes storytime, a singalong, and dancing.
  2. A birthday parade. This was from a fun video that someone shared on social media! Friends and family get in their cars and drive by our house while my daughter stands outside. They wave, sing, and decorate their cars. I’m hoping we can pull this one off after the “stay in place” measure has been lifted.
  3. DECORATIONS GALORE. I already purchased some things for the party, so we’re going to deck out the house to surprise her when she wakes on her birthday.
  4. Special meals. I plan to make her a special breakfast and dinner, in addition to the traditional cake, on her birthday.

What about you? Are you facing a birthday amidst quarantine?


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