Break the Useless Mold


In a rush to keep your kids from missing out…they miss out!

What has happened to our society? I feel like everyone is running around in circles (with their heads cut off) to throw the bash of the century for their one-year-old/ two-year-old. Taking a million selfies a day to show the world, “I’m so beautiful or look how handsome my child is!” Putting their child in ten activities at once. When is enough, enough?

Now yes, I have struggled with throwing elaborate parties, taking selfies, and feeling the anxiety that my boys need to do tot school, be potty trained, play the guitar, take swimming lessons –  all before they turn two. Well, I’m here to tell you none of it matters. Check your heart. Are you doing this stuff for the right reasons or is it to fit in? To be something you’re not, for pride or envy of what the other moms or children are doing or what they may think of you?

I want you, moms, to realize that stuff is just stuff. What your children need are hugs, kisses, the words “I love you” and “I’m so proud of you.” They need you and your attention. They need you playing with them, and not just for the Instagram shot for your followers, but actual genuine, excited, happy playing because you want to and they are important to you. You don’t need to sign your child up for gymnastics, swimming, dance, running, softball, piano lessons. You need to STUDY your child!! Find out what they are good at, what they excel in or what they love and put them in that one thing. You don’t have to go crazy “driving-miss-daisy” all around town, especially when you have other children with all of their activities. I heard an idea once that each child gets to pick one thing a season, that way the other siblings get to cheer that sibling on that whole semester. Then the next season, the other sibling gets to pick something. Wow, what a thought! A family that is genuinely excited, supportive, and cheering each other on.

I just want to let you moms in on a secret. No one is judging you! And if they are, they have problems. Because the fact is, we all have problems, we all have flaws and weaknesses and things that we just don’t excel in or are harder for us. One mom could be super athletic and have her kids in shape, another mom could be an arts and crafts director and make the coolest crafts with her kids, while still another mom could be such a great teacher that her children are talking and knowing all of the subjects before other kids do. You have a gift. You are unique. Your child has a gift and is unique. You were made for each other by God. He knows what He’s doing, so don’t fall into the comparison/envy trap. Just enjoy being who you were made to be and enjoy your children the way they were made to be. Relax. Don’t stress. They won’t remember that party at one, two, even three. So cut yourself some slack and just breathe.


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