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Cincinnati has a beautiful and long history of some of the greatest breweries out there! We are so thankful to our title sponsor, Urban Artifact, for making this year's guide possible.
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The craft beer scene is thriving in Cincinnati!

No matter if you are looking for a night out with the girls, date night with your love or even a relaxing evening with the family… chances are there is a brewery near you where you can kick back and relax with a craft beer in hand. We have compiled some regional brewery tours for your convenience and even given the breweries ratings for kid-friendliness so you know which ones you should reserve for those adult evenings out.

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Click on an image below to start your craft beer tour of choice!

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Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact celebrates Wild Culture: by the beers they artfully craft and the experiences they create in their taproom. Focusing on sour & wild beers & the best in local entertainment, Urban Artifact strives to become a destination for the Northside neighborhood and Cincinnati as a whole.

1660 Blue Rock Street
Cincinnati, OH 45223

(513) 542-4222


  1. Fibonacci has a “Fib family night” once a month where families come with their kids and pot luck, socialize and play together. The green space nextdoor is where my kids play while I sit outside and have a beer or two. Lots of families are regulars and I have always felt welcome with my kids – in fact, I have only ever been with my three kids in tow. They even have toys for the kids to play with! It is one of my favorite kid friendly breweries. I think you need to take another look at it.


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