Chuck E. Cheese {Still a Place Where a Kid Can be a Kid!}

Thank you to Chuck E. Cheese of Florence, KY for hosting us in exchange for this review (we 100% recommend taking your kids there!).

chuck e. cheeseAre you looking for something family-friendly to do on days when the weather is not ideal? Or, perhaps you are searching for the perfect place for a birthday party or fundraiser. If so, I have the place for you! My family and I had the opportunity to check out the newly remodeled Chuck E. Cheese in Florence, Kentucky recently. I have to say, I expected my kids would have a good time and that they would love it, but what I didn’t expect was for my husband and I to have as much fun as they did! When we walked in with our kids, we got them each play cards so they could play games, but by then end of the day, we were wishing we had play cards for ourselves, too!

chuck e. cheese

They had new games and rides for the kids with popular characters like Paw Patrol and SpongeBob, but they still have the classic games like Skee-ball and games that filled my husband and I with nostalgia like Operation and the photo booths! My husband and I had fun watching our kids play and sneaking in some playing time of our own! The play cards added a convenience of having all of our play time and tickets in one place. I didn’t have to worry about my kids losing their tickets or tokens, which was really nice. As the kids were running around, it gave me peace of mind that there is only one entrance and exit that was monitored with a person to check and make sure that everyone who comes together leaves together.

Between the entrance security measures and the cleanliness of the facility, it is clear that safety is a top priority. The staff was constantly wiping down the soda machine and sanitizing the games and tables. As a parent, I noticed these things, but my kids of course only took note of the fun atmosphere, delicious pizza, games, rides, and then of course, a visit from Chuck E. Cheese himself!

chuck e. cheese

When we were finished playing, we got to pick out prizes and it brought back so many memories of my own, standing at the counter as a kid, trying to decide what not to get! We walked away with some awesome Chuck E. Cheese swag! At the end of the day, one thing appeared to be true – Chuck E. Cheese is still a place where a kid can be a kid (and perhaps grown-ups can feel like a kid, too!)

Be sure to check out the info below if you would like more information about their parties, group, and fundraiser packages. They offer a variety of packages to fit whatever event you may be planning! You can contact Molly Faloon at [email protected] or 330-502-9163, and she can help schedule your party/event or give you more information. You can also check out their EVENTS PAGE as well.

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